• Black and white painting of a man in angst holding his phone to his open mouth
  • Abstract art

Undergraduate Art

Students will demonstrate skills and intellectual awareness that contribute to creative and professional achievement.

Undergraduate Art Degrees

Our programs offer studio-based experiences as well as opportunities for research and theoretical analysis.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Art
    • Concentration in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking
    • Concentration in Photography
    • Concentration in Sculptural Practices

B.A. Degree Programs

Minimum university GPA: 2.30, and maintain a minimum 2.70 in art courses.


Minimum university GPA: 2.30 AND attain and maintain a 3.00 GPA in all departmental courses throughout the program.

All declared art majors must satisfactorily complete the following core program of introductory-level courses before declaring an intent to pursue a B.F.A. degree in an area of concentration within the program: ART 101, ART 107, ART 108, ART 156, ART 260, ART 261, ART 266.

After completion of 59 to 74 credits, a portfolio review by the full department faculty is required for acceptance into the B.F.A. program. Accepted students will then select a committee of three full-time art faculty members to guide and evaluate their progress through the program.

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA may be admitted on a probationary status at the discretion of the art faculty.