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School of Architecture Scholarship (General)

This scholarship was established to provide general scholarship support for students in the School of Architecture.

Headshot of Bob Genzer

Bob Genzer/APA Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established as a tribute to Bob Genzer in recognition of his long and distinguished career in urban planning.

Headshot of William S. Howard

Commercial Roofers, Inc. Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Commercial Roofers, Inc. and the late Scott Howard to help students gain a better understanding of the importance of roofing design in architecture.

Headshot of David Brom

The David P. Brom Endowed Scholarship in Architecture

This scholarship was established in memory of David P. Brom who was passionate about healthcare architecture, and was a dear friend and colleague to many.

Headshot of Michael Alcorn

Michael Alcorn Endowed Scholarship for Architecture

This scholarship was established in memory of Michael Alcorn, former School of Architecture faculty, remembered for his collegial enthusiasm and selfless commitment to the advancement of the school and its students.

Headshot of Randy Lavigne

Randy Lavigne, Honorary AIA, Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established as a tribute to Randy Lavigne, Honorary AIA, in recognition of her dedication to and her long and distinguished career with AIA Nevada and AIA Las Vegas.

Headshot of RJ Hersh

RJ Hersh Memorial Alumni Scholarship in Architecture

The UNLV College of Fine Arts Alumni Chapter Board established this fund as a memorial to RJ Hersh, (1987-2022).

Headshot of Leslie Sully

W. Leslie Sully Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Les Sully, attorney and passionate gardener.


Headshot of TJ Schoeman

Schoeman Travel Endowment Fund

This travel endowment fund was established to support the education and development of emerging architects by allowing them real-world, hands-on, experiential experiences. Thomas J. Schoeman, FAIA established the Schoeman Travel Award in 2012 for the purposes of providing students and faculty with opportunities to gain valuable, hands-on and “out of classroom” experiences in the field of architecture and exposing students to trends in the profession and other topics relevant to the trajectory of architecture. In 2017, passionate about supporting the education and development of emerging architects, Tom established the Schoeman Travel Endowment Fund to ensure excellence in educating future generations of architects in Southern Nevada, the nation, and the world. Since then, UNLV students have traveled to study architecture or attend conferences in Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Austin, to name just a few.

Headshot of Jonathan Sparer

Jonathan S. Sparer, FAIA Awards

Jonathan S. Sparer, FAIA Leadership Award - This fund was established to acknowledge presidents of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Chapter of the UNLV School of Architecture for their student-elected leadership and vision for the future of the profession and the American Institute of Architects. AIAS presidents represent extraordinarily self-motivated, creative, and academically strong individuals with a passion for leadership.

Jonathan S. Sparer, FAIA The Student Travel Award - This fund was established to provide financial support for architecture students to discover the art and technique of design and build through global travel experiences; to be inspired by the architectural wonders around them; and to become well-rounded future industry professionals.


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Johnny A. Ribeiro, Jr. Landscape Architecture Endowment Fund

Johnny A. Ribeiro, Jr., trustee emeritus, UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees, established the Johnny A. Ribeiro, Jr. Endowment Fund to provide support for the landscape architecture program.