Internal Audit Certificate Program

The mission of the Internal Audit Certificate Program at UNLV is to give students the latest information in the profession of internal audit and to award those who complete the program a valuable distinction to benefit them in their careers.

UNLV was accepted as an Institute of Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) school in 2008. IAEP program schools are endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

The IIA recognizes UNLV as a university with a high-quality internal audit program. UNLV is one of only 31 universities in the USA and only 43 universities worldwide with this designation.

The Internal Audit Certificate Program at UNLV is available to both graduate and undergraduate students interested in learning more about internal audit. Students who enroll for the IAEP program at UNLV may earn a certificate in internal audit after successful completion of the required courses.

Benefits of registration in the Internal Audit Certificate Program are:

  • Increased opportunity for networking with internal audit professionals
  • Priority in IIA-sponsored academic scholarships
  • Internship and externship opportunities available to students in this program

Certificate Requirements

In order to qualify to receive the Internal Audit Certificate, students must successfully complete all of the following courses:

  • ACC 420/620—Internal Auditing
  • ACC 412/612—Fraud Examination
  • ACC 406/606—Auditing in the Gaming Industry

Further Requirements

  1. Minimum Grade Requirement per course: A minimum letter grade of B- is required for each of the above courses.
  2. Minimum Grade Average Requirement: A minimum cumulative grade average in the three classes of 3.0 is required.
  3. Eligibility: Only students accepted into the BSBA in Accounting or the MS in Accounting program are eligible to receive the Internal Audit certificate.