A student talking in a group setting with her laptop.

UNLV Urban Affairs class prepares students to navigate emergency situations from a crisis communication perspective.

Students Adi Pahima and Magnus Yuen build and programing their robot.

In an effort to encourage STEM learning, UNLV engineering students partner with local high schools to help 'gear' up for the FIRST Robotics Competition as part of a new two-semester course.

A student putting on first responder equipment, with the help of a professor.

Students learn how to maximize performance and decrease injury for people in physically demanding fields.

The UNLV community gathers for an an event in the Barrick Art Museum.

Students go beyond the canvas to spark their artistic perspectives and sculpt their creative futures.

Students eating Brazilian churrasco at Pampas on the Las Vegas Strip.

Turkey, tamales, and tiramisu, oh my! Students travel the world via food in a course that is anything but bland.

A biology student working in a lab.

Science fiction meets reality in this biology lab course that uses mutant enzymes to transform students into scientists.

closeup of small autonomous racing car with three figures blurred in background

Future computer scientists are challenged to team up to make a car drive and race on its own.

student and woman working in TV news production area

Students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies gain hands-on training in production work through UNLV-TV.

A lit up sign with a red dollar sign against a black background.

Navigating the world of finance might seem intimidating, but UNLV is equipping students with the tools they need for financial success.

laptop screen with coursework titled "Bioterror Attack"

Where does a disease come from and how does it spread? Students learn from UNLV's contagiously captivating infectious disease expert.

group of students playing on field seen through the net they're using

Students find ancient sports aren’t so antiquated as they take a scholastic approach to the history of athletics.

students surveying site at Valley of Fire

UNLV students survey Nevada's rich history and gain valuable fieldwork experience in revived archaeology class.