student and woman working in TV news production area
Aug. 1, 2023

Students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies gain hands-on training in production work through UNLV-TV.

laptop screen with coursework titled "Bioterror Attack"
Jun. 27, 2023

Where does a disease come from and how does it spread? Students learn from UNLV's contagiously captivating infectious disease expert.

group of students playing on field seen through the net they're using
May. 18, 2023

Students find ancient sports aren’t so antiquated as they take a scholastic approach to the history of athletics.

students surveying site at Valley of Fire
Apr. 13, 2023

UNLV students survey Nevada's rich history and gain valuable fieldwork experience in revived archaeology class.

chefs and cooks working in a kitchen
Jan. 26, 2023

At Bistro 410, students are responsible for everything from decor to creating marketing plans and menus.

group of folks celebrating around a table
Jan. 26, 2023

Hospitality students wine, dine, and entertain guests as part of a course project that tested their collaborative and problem-solving skills.

man posing in front of poster that looks like a playing card
Jan. 19, 2023

With two dozen patents under their belts, Gaming Innovation students are grabbing the attention of casino game developers and showing the world what Vegas does best.

wild horse in Mt. Charleston Wilderness
Nov. 30, 2022

From the problems of feeding wild horses to new pet store ordinances, students explore moral issues related to animals.

on a film set with camera monitor in foreground showing restaurant scene
Nov. 3, 2022

Students collaborate with UNLV faculty and other industry experts to learn the ins and outs of making and distributing a feature film.

man pointing to a muscle group outlined with marker on a bodybuilder
Jul. 25, 2022

The hands-on activities in this intro class makes the challenging material fun to learn for future health professionals.

woman posing outside Erotic Heritage Museum
May. 26, 2022

Class tackles taboos to help future social workers to factually and professionally discuss sex.


Students work hands-on with design project.
Mar. 31, 2022

Architecture students get hands on with tile design and showcase their furniture at major convention.