University Policies

This site is intended to be the first phase of a central database and repository for all university policies issued under the authority conferred on the president by the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) code. The curator of the policies on this site is the University Policy Committee (UPC), as authorized by the president. The UPC does not make university policy but rather facilitates opportunities for review and input by campus stakeholders of proposed policy before review and formal approval by the president.

The UPC intends in future iterations of this website to establish standard formats for the presentation to facilitate access by the faculty and staff to all duly approved university policies. Various administrative and academic units that hold policies are asked to contribute to this process. When the site is complete, unit websites will link to this website to ensure reference to the most current version of all university policies.

At present, UNLV does not have a single document that serves as an administrative manual or faculty handbook. This site intends to fulfill that responsibility to the faculty by providing a single entry point to access university policies, which are currently posted in various locations on the UNLV website.