All employees will need to login to Workday to complete onboarding tasks, manage their benefits, view pay stubs, and request or approve time off. These job aids also offer various tips and tricks to personalize notifications, search preferences, and other ways to simplify the Workday experience.

This training workflow is designed to help new employees adjust to basic Workday functionality. If you are looking for specific training, please navigate to the financials or HCM portals.

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Business Process Description
Business Process Date Matrix Definition of date fields for HCM and financials business processes
Delegation How to temporarily assign tasks to another user
Find Your NSHE ID How to Find Your NSHE ID
  • Employees can locate their NSHE ID number in Workday.
  • Login to Workday using your ACE ID and password.
  • Navigate to your Employee Profile by clicking on your profile picture or the cloud icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click View Profile. Your Employee Profile will display.
  • Beneath your name, in the upper left-hand corner, click the Actions button.
  • From the Actions menu, select Personal Data.
  • Select View My ID Information.
  • The My ID Information page will display. Click the Other IDs tab. The Other ID Type column displays NSHE ID as the Type. Your ten-digit NSHE ID is displayed in the Identification # column.
Getting Started with Workday How to get started in Workday
Getting Started with Workday for iPhone & Android How to use the Workday mobile app
Install and Login for Android and iPhone How to install and log into the Workday mobile app
Manage Email Notifications How to set up email notifications for business processes
Payment Elections (Direct Deposit) How to add or update your banking institution information
Updating Contact Information in Workday How to update your contact information (home address, personal email, home phone number, etc.) in Workday
Video - How to apply for an NSHE Job if you Already Work at NSHE (closed captioned) How to apply to internal positions and manage your professional profile (closed captioning)
Video - Basic Navigation Webinar How to navigate basic Workday functions
Year End Tax Documents

How to view year end tax documents (W-2) for 2018 and beyond

View and Print Payslips How to view and print your payslips
Workday Worklet Glossary Workday Icon Glossary


Business Process Description
Video - Voluntary Benefits Enrollment How to elect voluntary benefits offered in Workday
Voluntary Benefits How to elect voluntary benefits
Workday Open Enrollment Process Guide for Employees How to elect voluntary benefits during Open Enrollment period
Workday Open Enrollment Process Guide For Medical Residents How to elect benefits during Open Enrollment period for medical residents only
Change Beneficiary How to make a change to a beneficiary. Changes only apply to benefits offered in Workday. Contact the benefits office for all other plans
Change Benefits – Life Event How to change or update Workday voluntary benefits when a Life Event takes place. Contact the benefits offices for all other plans
Change Retirement Savings How to change voluntary contribution amount to retirement savings account
Edit Dependent How to edit personal information about a dependent


Business Process Description
Approving Time How to approve time or adjust a time entry for a worker
Correct My Time Off How to adjust or cancel a time off request that has not been approved
Entering Time (Hourly) How to enter and submit hourly time
Entering Time for Worker How to edit and correct time on behalf of a worker
Ingresar Su Tiempo (Por Hora) (Entering Time) How to track time (en Español)
Manage Your Time Off How to manage your time off
Time Off Tracking for Coronavirus (Salaried) How to track time off and paid administrative leave for salaried employees during the coronavirus event
Time Tracking for Coronavirus (Hourly/Classified) How to track time and paid administrative leave for hourly or classified employees during the coronavirus event