Get Involved

There are many opportunities to become involved with the UNLV Women’s Council. If you would like to be actively involved in the work of the Women’s Council, please review the following Task Forces.

Task Forces

To get involved with a task force, send an email to women' with “Work” in the subject line. In the body of your email, please indicate the task force(s) you would like to be actively involved in.


  • Provide educational and networking opportunities to cultivate women’s leadership, research, publication, collaboration, and support
  • Collaborate with other campus constituents on programs, research, and outreach

Communication and Networking

  • Communicate timely and accurate information about the Women's Council and its activities
  • Showcase the accomplishments of UNLV women
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for campus women, as well as their allies

Family Advocacy

  • Identify the current and growing needs of UNLV women and their families
  • Identify and advocate for resources necessary to meet these needs
  • Encourage the development of policy in support of families

Hiring, Retention and Assessment

  • Collect/assess data regarding the status of UNLV women
  • Disseminate findings on the status of UNLV women
  • Provide advocacy related to gender equity in hiring, salary, retention, and climate
  • Review and promote evidence-based best practices to address gender issues on campus

Health and Safety

  • Identify safety issues on campus and advocate and collaborate to resolve them
  • Identify and share health and safety resources on campus and in the community
  • Host health and safety events and programming to educate and share information
  • Research and review best practices in higher education for facilitating health and wellness among university employees

Stay Informed

If you are interested in following the actions of the Women's Council but do not have time to work with us, send an email to women' with “Follow” in the subject line. We will add your name to our list and keep you updated on activities and information.