UNLVolunteers is a student-led organization whose mission is to encourage civic engagement and positive social change by providing and promoting meaningful service opportunities for UNLV students, faculty, and staff.

In addition to Service Days once a semester, UNLVolunteers programs focus on five impact areas:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Environment
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Housing and Food Insecurity
  5. Youth

Our events are free, educational, and fun!

Engaging the Community

UNLVolunteers is also focused on engaging the UNLV community in democratic engagement activities. We strive to help students learn about the electoral process and become engaged members of our community. This includes:

  • Voter registration efforts
  • Voter education
  • Get out the vote activities

We plan to expand these efforts to also involve engagement beyond voting. Please visit UNLV's Turbovote page to register to vote, update your voter registration, request absentee ballots, and receive updates for any local, state, or federal elections in the United States. All efforts are nonpartisan and focused on educating and engaging students in their communities.


Service Days

Once a semester, UNLVolunteers sends about 200 students, faculty, and staff to more than 10 nonprofit organizations throughout the Las Vegas Valley for a day of service and learning about social justice.


Volunteers focused on advocacy serve to promote civic engagement and basic human rights. This includes service with voter registration, and creating awareness and action around issues impacting the community. Students are empowered to learn about social justice issues affecting marginalized communities such as policy and equitable access to resources.


Volunteers focused on environment serve to promote sustainable systems in our local community. This includes service in community gardens, wilderness restoration, and urban sustainability. Students are empowered to learn about environmental justice issues affecting marginalized communities including regulatory policy and climate change.

Health and Wellness

Volunteers focused on health and wellness serve to increase community access to healthcare resources. This includes service with organizations that focus on seniors, mental health, and nutrition. Students are empowered to learn about social justice issues affecting health and wellness including equitable access to healthcare resources for marginalized communities.

Housing and Food Insecurity

Volunteers focused on housing and food insecurity serve to meet immediate community needs and address systemic issues of poverty. This includes service with food pantries and shelters. Students are empowered to learn about social justice issues affecting poverty alleviation including policy. Delivering and Serving Hope (DASH) and DASH Dinner Discussions are signature housing and food insecurity events.

Volunteers focused on youth serve to increase the well-being of children and young people. This includes service with schools and organizations that focus on youth wellness. Students are empowered to learn about social justice issues affecting youth including taking action to increase access and reduce barriers to quality education.

Upcoming Events

No events found. Please check back soon.

How to Get Involved

Students can get involved with UNLVolunteers by simply coming to our service events, attending our monthly general meetings, or becoming part of our executive board.

Service Events

Students can receive a Community Engagement Certificate at the annual Impact Awards for Community Engagement for completing different amounts of service hours.

Monthly General Meetings

At our monthly general meetings, we either have a nonprofit organization come to campus or we complete a small service project. When a nonprofit organization comes, students are empowered to learn about social issues affecting the Las Vegas community, and what the nonprofit organization is doing to help alleviate that issue. If we partner with an organization to do a small service project, students can get one-two service hours while completing service on campus and learning about the organization and community we are working with.

To learn more about our general meetings, please email us at serve@unlv.edu.

Executive Board

Interested in planning service events on campus? Apply to be on the UNLVolunteers Executive Board! Applications open late in the spring semester, and the term runs from May to May. UNLVolunteers executive board members work to develop the skills and knowledge needed to plan service projects and facilitate education and reflection activities for participants.

For more information about joining UNLVolunteers and applying for the executive board, please become a member on the Involvement Center through MyUNLV, and follow us on Facebook.