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Alternative Breaks

Do something different!

About Alternative Breaks

During a regular semester, Alternative Break trips are simple service and learning trips led by a small team of students and staff for participants to engage meaningfully over academic breaks. Nonprofit partners provide opportunities to learn and serve in the local host community, and groups spend time as a team during nightly reflection exploring social change and civic engagement.

We live simply to keep trips accessible financially and to be intentional. The days are full (but we plan breaks!), and we include some group recreation on Friday! We also offer weekend trips and weeklong experiences during spring break or after finals as options.

These are not typical tourist trips, but we think that is what makes them great!

About Alt Breaks Zoom-Ins

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot travel but we have a great service and learning alternative, the Alt Break Zoom-In!  Zoom-Ins are a 2.25-day virtual alternative to trips with opportunities to learn and serve around a topic during spring break. If you join, you’ll learn about a social justice topic, meet people with similar interests and values, hear from non-profit organizations, participate in virtual service, and even get creative with your team.

This is a great program for those who want to engage more with social justice, build their path towards inclusivity and active citizenship, and eventually impact the positive change around the topic and all while in a virtual, at-home environment to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming Events

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What's a ZOOM-IN?
AltBreaks "Zoom-In" Info Session

"I enjoyed hearing everyone's individuality and how that intersects in people's lives. Loved growing and sharing a beautiful trip with beautiful people."

Trip participant, 2018

Application Details

Apply for a Trip

Applications are open now. Submit your information at any point until March 3; complete application includes:

  • Online application takes about 10-20 minutes and involves:
    • Basic personal demographic information
    • Three short-answer questions
    • Submitting your $25 deposit

Applicants can opt-in to be placed on a waitlist in case Zoom-Ins are full.

  • If a participant withdraws and a spot opens, program staff contacts the waitlist to offer that spot between March 3 and March 10.
  • If selected, waitlisters will be notified by email and must accept their spot.
  • If no spots open and a waitlister cannot join a trip, they will be notified via email and deposits will be refunded during or after experiences.

Apply online by March 3 at noon | Trip notification by March 5 | Accept by March 8

Apply to be a Student Site Leader

Want to be part of a national movement, gain transferable skills, have your Alt Break cost covered, and make awesome friends and connections at UNLV? Apply to be an Alternative Break Site Leader!

Download these documents for more info on the role and responsibilities:

Applications are open in March, interviews are in April, and selection is notified in May. Site leader term starts in August through the following May (one academic year).

Questions? Email altbreaks@unlv.edu.

Cost Details

Cost Overview

AB trips have different costs because of related travel costs (transportation, housing, food, activities) depending on the destination.

Zoom-Ins are a little different! We ask for a $25 deposit to cover materials we’ll send you ( shirt, journal, pen, craft supplies, snacks, etc.); if you attend the entire Zoom-In, we refund the deposit!

  • If we offer you a spot and you decline it or attend the trip only partially, your deposit is no longer refundable and will now support future travel grants.

Core Values

We build our trips around our core values and that what makes them so unique:


To plan affordable trips that align with our social justice emphasis: we have simpler accommodations, shared meals, and collective processes rather than a vacation getaway.


We build sustainable, mutual relationships with each other, and our partners.


We strive to partner with nonprofits who are working deeply with community for long-term social change.


We seek to be intentional about the potential impacts of our service, to understand structural inequity, and to explore how we can work for social change. This process can be slow and challenging; but also rich and empowering.


Our goal is for participants to integrate this experience into life after the trip to continue serving, learning, and working for social change.

Trip Topics

Spring 2021
  • Immigration at the US-Mexico Border
  • Mass Incarceration and Community Development
  • Food and Housing Insecurity
  • Civic Engagement for Social Change


All trips will happen during the spring break from Sunday, March 14 to Tuesday, March 16.

Sample Schedule
Sunday (3/14) Monday (3/15) Tuesday (3/16)

10-10:30 a.m.

Welcome, Check-in

10-10:30 a.m.

Welcome, Check-in

10:30-12 (noon)

Group Time
Social Identity (with 15 min. break)

10:30-10:45 a.m.


10:45-12 (noon)

Guest Speaker

12 (noon)-1 p.m.


12 (noon)-1 p.m.


1-2:15 p.m.

Group Time

1-2:15 p.m.

Group Time
Continuation (Continuum and Goalsetting)

2:15-2:30 p.m.


2:15-2:30 p.m.


2:30-4 p.m.

Group Time
Social Justice, Antiracism

2:30-3 p.m.

Group Time
Assessment, Thank-you's

2-4 p.m. or 3-5 p.m.

Group Time
Community Building, Education/Orientation/Training

3-4 p.m.

Group Time
Creative Closing Activity

Why You Should Participate

Everyone joins for their own reasons. Some people want to connect with other students, build their resume, learn about a new topic, serve in a meaningful way, or translate their classroom learning into a new environment. Whatever your reasons are, we hope you’ll consider deepening your social justice learning, working for positive social change, laughing with others, and finding your connection. Discover your reasons for joining! If you want more information, join one of our info sessions or contact us to see if this experience fits you.


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"I enjoyed that they made us think about what we did that day. Reflections also served as an opportunity to help us decompress and really understand what we witnessed that day."

Additional Information

For any questions or further details, feel free to email us at altbreaks@unlv.edu. Sign up for our newsletter for weekly updates, announcements, and opportunities. Follow us on Instagram at @UNLVSLL to get daily updates, engage with the office at different events, and see what to expect from AB Zoom-Ins.