Community Engagement Certificate

About the Certificate

This certificate program recognizes the impact UNLV students, faculty, staff, and organizations have in the community through direct service. Direct service addresses immediate needs, most often through social service agencies, churches, or schools.

Certificate Levels

  • Bronze
    • Individual: 49 hours and below
    • Organization: average of 24 hours and below
  • Silver
    • Individual: 50-99 hours
    • Organization: average of 25-49 hours
  • Gold
    • Individual: 100 hours and above
    • Organization: average of 50 hours and above


  • Tutoring a child or an adult once a week.
  • Serving food to clients at a soup kitchen or shelter.
  • Service-learning projects completed through a class.

2020 Community Engagement Certificate

Applications are currently open for the certificates recognizing community engagement activities performed by UNLV students between March 2019 and April 2020. To nominate yourself, another person, or a group, please complete the Community Engagement Certificate Application by Friday, May 15, 2020.

Certificate nominations will be reviewed on a rolling basis and after the deadline, and information will be distributed to applicants in the weeks following their nomination submissions.

Past Awardees

During the second annual Impact Awards on Apr. 17, 2019, the following students and groups were recognized for their community impacts between Mar. 2018 and Mar. 2019:


  • DeAnna English 
  • Mayra Arzate 
  • Stacey Clouse
  • Diane Villa, PhD 
  • Charles Stockwell
  • Judith Fuentes-Retaloza
  • Netta Ohayon
  • Nikko Fermo
  • Joahna Claire Golez
  • Jazz Sheffer
  • Chin Chai Huan
  • Jesus Castillo
  • Monica Sinha
  • Student Sustainability Council


  • Cinthya Sandoval-Flores
  • Alexandra Ceballos
  • Max Parish
  • Breanna Christine Hansen
  • Alexis Whitmire
  • Truong Tong
  • Annie Lu
  • UNLV Saturday STEM School


  • Ka Hyun Lee
  • Emi Kremer
  • Claire Skaggs
  • Toneke Graham
  • Phuong Hang Le
  • Kristine Vigilla
  • Nicole Kim
  • Silver State Service Dogs
  • Festival of Communities