Building Use Guide

Building Access

Building hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To gain access to the building after hours or to request a key, please contact the SEB Administrative Offices at 702-774-4732 during business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday).

Please lock all doors upon exiting unmanned rooms or laboratories. Also, please see the SEB Access Control Policy for more information; this policy is available in the SEB Administrative Offices, SEB Room 2102.

Building Common-Use Equipment

SEB has common-use autoclaves, glasswashers, and other equipment available for use by building occupants. Any problem with this equipment should be reported to the SEB Assistant Director at 702-895-2020. Principal investigators are responsible for ensuring that all laboratory personnel are properly trained in the use of all shared equipment and certain research facilities. Please contact the SEB Assistant Director to schedule training, and please review the Policy on the Use and Maintenance of Building Equipment.

Building Physical Plant Issues

If you observe a physical plant problem (heating or cooling problems, leaking faucets, etc.) during regular business hours, you may call the SEB Assistant Director at 895-2020 or stop by the SEB Administrative Offices to report it. You may also contact the UNLV Help Desk at 895-HELP. To address any urgent building issue after hours, call Campus Police at 895-3668; they will contact the Facilities night crew.


All building corridors should be kept clear at all times. Storage of equipment, lab carts, or other materials is not allowed in the public halls.

Custodial Services

For questions or concerns about custodial services, you may call the SEB Assistant Director at 895-2020 or stop by the SEB Administrative Offices. You may also contact the UNLV Help Desk at 895-HELP.


Large deliveries are to be made at the SEB loading dock area, located on the south side of the building at the gated compound; access is available through the west parking lot. All routine deliveries of boxed items, cylinder gases, and cryogens may be sent to the SEB in care of the stockroom. You may contact the SEB stockroom attendants at 702-774-1458 for questions concerning all SEB deliveries.

Elevator Use

SEB has a centrally located freight elevator, which is to be used for the transport of equipment, field supplies, biological samples, chemicals, cylinder gases, or cryogens. The passenger elevators are not to be used for transport of these materials at any time. Please contact the SEB Administrative Offices if you have questions regarding freight elevator access.

Glasswash Facility

SEB has a common use glasswash facility, located just off the fourth floor service hall. This facility may be used by all SEB occupants; however, all users are required to be trained in the operation of equipment in this facility before access to it will be granted. Please contact the SEB Administrative Offices to arrange training. Also, please see the Policy on the Use and Maintenance of Building Equipment for more information.

Loading/Unloading Vehicles

All loading and unloading of vehicles must be performed at the loading dock at the south side of the building in the gated compound. Equipment loading/unloading is not allowed at the building’s main entrances. Please contact the SEB Administrative Offices if you have a question regarding access.

Mail Room

A common mail room for principal investigators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate assistants is located on the first floor near the lobby in Room 1101. Mail is delivered once a day and is sorted by the SEB staff. An outgoing interdepartmental mail box is available in the service hallway near the stockroom.


Bulletin boards for notices and flyers are available on the first floor adjacent to the classrooms. Notices and flyers are to be posted only in these areas. All other posting areas are for technical postings, which are coordinated by the SEB Administrative Offices. Please do not post notices or flyers in the kitchen, hallways, elevator lobbies, or entrances.

Programmatic Alarm System

The Science and Engineering Building has a monitoring system that enables researchers to ensure that their equipment, samples, and data are protected. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system currently monitors 58 different sites throughout the building to make sure that critical equipment, utilities, and facilities are secure and functioning properly. Cryogenic freezers, green house bays, environmental rooms, facilities systems, essential utilities, and other equipment are monitored by the system.Building operators and researchers are notified by phone immediately if any system fails so that the problem can be remedied quickly and research is not lost.


Smoking is prohibited in the SEB and within 25 feet of its entrances.

Use of Conference Rooms

Three SEB smart conference rooms are available for research-oriented meetings during normal business hours. These conference rooms have networking ports and are equipped with overhead projectors and video equipment. If you plan to make a PowerPoint presentation, please bring your own laptop. Please contact the SEB Administrative Offices to schedule these rooms.


Vending machines are located in the northeast hallways of the second and third floors. Problems with the vending machines should be reported to the SEB Administrative Offices.