Below are common forms that may be useful to occupants of the Science and Engineering Building.

SEB Access Request Form

Request access to the SEB building, labs, or offices.


Fill out the pdf form (must be typed).

Digital Signature Option

Email filled form to space authority (PI for lab or office) who authorizes access by digitally signing the request form then emailing to

Physical Signature Option

Filled in form may be printed and authorizing signature obtained in person. Printed forms are delivered to the SEB Administration Office SEB 2102, or sent to MS 4022.

You will be notified by email when keys or new proximity cards are ready to pick up. This can take up to two weeks. Added access on existing proximity cards will not receive notification, but should work after one week or sooner. If not, contact the SEB Administration Office by email, or call 702-774-4732.

SEB Conference Room Reservation Form

Priority is given to residents of the Science and Engineering building but others may request meeting rooms on space available basis.


Fill out pdf form and email to or deliver to the SEB Administration Office SEB 2102. Handwritten forms are acceptable.


2251 – Executive Conference Room

18 seats with additional 6 guest chairs, Adjoining kitchen, Audio visual includes resident PC, projector, laptop connections (HDMI and VGA), DVD, Blue Ray, VHS, and whiteboard.

265 – Large Conference Room

18 seats, AV includes projector, laptop connections (VGA), DVD, VHS, and whiteboard.

2212 – Medium Conference Room

12 seats, Flat Screen monitor, laptop connection (VGA), DVD, VHS, and whiteboard.

2151 – Small Conference Rooms

10 seats: AV includes resident 55" touch screen computer with USB ports and HDMI and VGA connectors, whiteboard, Counter, and Drawer Space.

3151 & 4151 – Small Conference Rooms

10 seats, whiteboard, counter, and drawer space.

SEB Event Reservation Form

The Science and Engineering has several event spaces that can be used by UNLV organizations and off-campus entities especially to promote the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.


Fill out the pdf request form and email to SEB coordinator, Dene Charlet, will contact you to discuss event details and confirm reservation and fees.

Outside entities are required to submit proof of liability insurance before holding event. SEB administration reserves the right to restrict any event deemed in conflict with the building mission.

Alcohol permits are required for any event serving alcohol on the UNLV campus and are the responsibility of the event organizer. Allow at least three weeks for processing.

Space Availability

During spring and fall semesters, classrooms are available on a very limited basis Monday through Friday, however, the auditorium is available on Fridays. The lobby is available anytime but type of event and number of people may be restricted Monday–Thursday when classes are in session.



SEB 1311 (208 capacity). No food or drink (except water) allowed in auditorium. Audio Visual includes resident PC and laser pointer, projector, laptop connection (VGA), document camera, DVD, Blue Ray, VHS, and whiteboard. Lectern with microphone, Podium with microphone, 4 wireless microphones (lapel or hand-held).


SEB 1240 (40 capacity), 1242 (68 capacity), 1243 (68 capacity), 1245 (30 capacity). Food allowed for events with prior arrangement. Audio visual includes resident PC and laser pointer, projector, laptop connection (VGA), document camera, DVD, Blue Ray, VHS, and Whiteboard. Lectern with microphone.


2250 sq. ft open lobby space. Events have included conferences, poster sessions, ceremonies, cocktail receptions, guest speakers and more. Resources: Stage with backdrop, mic’d podium, portable PA system, I-pod, wireless microphones, tall cocktail tables, catering tables, deluxe folding chairs, poster walls.

Conference Rooms

May be utilized as event space if appropriate and available. See SEB Conference Room Reservation Form for descriptions.

Laboratory Space Request Form

View Request Form.