Student Affairs Assessment Committee

The Student Affairs Assessment Committee is composed of representatives from departments in the Division of Student Affairs (see below). Specific tasks may include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as a liaison between department and the committee, sharing assessment initiatives, results, and challenges;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding Student Affairs Assessment Calendar;
  • Communicating upcoming processes and deadlines with departments;
  • Making recommendations related to the consistent collection and storage of multi-year trend data across all Student Affairs departments;
  • Reviewing assessment data from NASPA consortium studies, National Survey of Student Engagement, Student Satisfaction Inventory, Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership, and key internal departmental assessments;
  • Developing mechanisms to monitor the use of assessment results to improve programs and services;
  • Alerting students to how their participation in surveys influences decisions;
  • Functioning as a learning community that consistently advances its own learning in order to elevate the assessment work of colleagues at UNLV; and
  • Advising Student Affairs faculty and staff of the types of training and professional development related to assessment that could benefit them.


Current members, their units, and the department each one represents are shown here. Graduate students whose assistantship focuses on assessment may serve on the committee for the duration of their assistantship. For these members, the role is designated as GA.

Member Unit Department Role
Dr. Judd Harbin VPSA Student Affairs Strategic Planning & Assessment Chair
Kyle Ethelbah Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach Campus Programs Representative
Brandon Deroshia Student Life Campus Recreational Services Representative
Pending Enrollment & Student Services Enrollment & Student Services Representative
Michael Amesquita Student Life Housing & Residential Life Representative
Jennie Johnson Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach Pre-College Programs Representative
Jill Triplett Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach Pre-College Programs Representative
Stine Odegard

Student Life

Service Learning & Leadership Representative
Pending Student Life Student Diversity & Social Justice Representative
Samantha Varn Student Life Student Diversity & Social Justice GA
Craig Shook Student Life

Student Involvement & Activities

Carissa Wilcox Student Life Student Union & Event Services Representative
Pending Student Wellness Student Wellness Representative
Haocheng Zhou VPSA Student Affairs Strategic Planning & Assessment GA