When you're talking to someone like Professor Vince Eade or George Togliatti from the Mandalay Bay—the amount of experience these guys have is second to none. You don't get to talk to too many people that know so much about the industry, so just listening to them... listening to their experiences... listening to the way they've handled customers in the past was such an inspiration for us.

Elie Bassil, General Manager at Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks (National Rugby League) Gymea, New South Wales Australia

The speaker today spoke on HR; and then this morning we had customer service, a topic which everyone in the class contributed to and got to take something away from… so I think having two super engaging speakers to start off the day and finishing off with an awesome tour just makes it so much better and exciting.

Laura Anne Hodson, Doyalson Wyee RSL, Gaming and Operations Coordinator

It was really an enlightening experience to actually get to see these leading industry professionals come in and teach us different things that they’ve picked up along the way and just be able to go through a seminar and not only engage the instructor but the rest of the classmates who have also come from various backgrounds.

Miguel Ramos Jr., Hospitality Manager, Topgolf

I would definitely recommend the 'How Vegas Does Vegas' program here at the University of Nevada. I think it's a great experience for any gaming company that wants to raise it up a notch.

Sergio Revilla-Cornejo, CEO, Argentine Gaming Group

When you come to hear the lectures, the classes, you find the same problems that you have but also you find the solutions; they understand my needs, so when the teacher for example talks about something you have in mind, you're surprised like, 'great… that's why I am here. I wanted to know about this.'

Juan Pablo Tobias, Marketing Manager, Argentine Gaming Group

Best way to describe the program ‘How Vegas Does Luxury’ is that you’re fully immersed not only from an instructional standpoint learning how professionals apply luxury, but you also get to see it.

John Gronvall, Owner, Aveda Institute Las Vegas

As I was listening to Max and Donald Bowman, I saw this image of the application through these ripples—the ripple effect as it would affect guests, clients, patients; and that’s really primarily the overarching aspect that I took away from this 3-day fabulous conference.

Patricia Lind, Associate Professor Emeritus