ResNet provides a high-speed internet connection to students while they live in the residence halls for email, research, and personal enrichment. The connection is through network connections provided in every room, with one port per resident. In order to connect to the network, you will need:

  • Agreement to the network policies
  • Wired or Wireless network capability
  • The proper Category 5,5e,6 network cable

Security and System Requirements

Obtain Your Password

The ResNet system uses the UNLV ACE password. To activate or edit your ACE password, visit the ACE administration page. All changes to this page should be instantaneous. ACE passwords can be activated or edited at all University computer labs.

If you have trouble activating or editing your account, please contact the Rebel Repair Help Desk at 702-895-5324 for further assistance.

Getting Your Device Connected


  1. Plug your computer into the wall using a patch cable that can be purchased from any computer retail store (Best Buy, Fry’s, UNLV Bookstore, etc…).
  2. Open up an internet browser.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your ACE username and password.
  4. Once you have entered your username and password, you will be prompted to download a policy key. The policy key allows UNLV ResNet to verify that your computer is complying with University network and copyright policy. Failure to download the policy key will result in the inability to reach the Internet.
  5. Once the policy key is downloaded you should have access to the network.
  6. Enjoy the Internet!
  1. Enable wireless on your computer. (If you need assistance with this please contact Rebel Repair Help Desk at 702-895-5324).
  2. Select UNLV-WIFI from your wireless network menu. Once selected, open a web browser on your computer and go to the following URL
  3. Click the "Connect to Eduroam" button.  Follow the step by step directions to connect.

Game Consoles



When registering your device at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, you are agreeing to and understanding the policies regarding copyright infringement and illegal usage of technology.

Notes and Warnings

ResNet is responsible for the proper operation of the network in UNLV Housing and Residential Life to the port in your room. If you are having difficulty with hardware on your computer or device, you are responsible for correcting the problem.

Every computer or device is different, and while ResNet is willing to offer advice on how to get your system connected to the UNLV network, we cannot guarantee your equipment is capable of successfully connecting to or operating on the UNLV network.