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Originally Issued: November 2015
Revision Date: November 2022

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the university's graphic standards, the use of UNLV's logo, wordmarks, official colors, and trademark licensing procedures, are always adhered to in order to protect and reinforce UNLV's identity and leverage the strength of the university's brand through consistent usage.

Entities Affected by this Policy

All UNLV units, student organizations, and employees are affected by this policy.

Who Should Read this Policy

All UNLV employees must read, understand, and comply with this policy.


  1. The UNLV logo is trademarked and may not be modified in any way, including changing its proportions (stretching, compressing), or embellishing it (including shadows, outlines, new elements).
  2. The university has one official logo, which combines with the names of individual colleges, departments, research centers, and administrative units to form a "signature," in accordance to UNLV graphic standards.
  3. The UNLV logo, with its family of unit marks, is a coherent system that builds on tradition while displaying unit names in a prominent and attractive way. Departments and other UNLV organizations should not build their own logos or graphic identities. If you have questions about this policy, please contact Integrated Graphics Services.
  4. UNLV's official colors are scarlet and gray. In the Pantone Matching System, the correct color designations are PMS 186 for scarlet and PMS 423 for gray. The UNLV Identity Website provides specifications for electronic display.
  5. The university seal can only be used by the Office of the President and on official documents such as diplomas and certificates.
  6. Any use of UNLV logos or trademarks by vendors or third parties (whether commercial or noncommercial) must go through the appropriate trademark licensing program or legal contract process.

Chief Marketing Officer and  Vice President of Brand Integration 702-895-5165

Athletics Marketing - Trademarks & Licensing 702-895-2956

Office of General Counsel 702-895-5185

Integrated Graphics Services 702-895-3213

Related Information





A logo is a unique graphic symbol, display of a name, or combination of both that is used to represent an organization. The UNLV logo is a customized arrangement of letters that cannot be duplicated by using a specific typeface.


In the context of graphic standards, a signature or mark combines with the logo to describe university entities by name and adheres to the guidelines established for the proper display of department and unit names.

Trademark Licensing

A program that protects, promotes, and enhances an image and brand of an organization through trademark registration of logos and associated service marks to ensure their control and proper presentation.