As part of your graduation requirement from the PGA program, the following internship requirements must be met. Students are required to:

  • Complete 16 months (64 weeks) of supervised internship experience.
  • Intern at a minimum of three different facilities outlined in the PGA Internship Handbook (e.g., public, private, resort); the PGA internship coordinator or director must approve all settings.
  • Complete a minimum of four internships in order to fulfill the 16 months of internship requirements.
  • Work a minimum of 13 consecutive weeks at each internship.
  • Work a minimum of 35 hours per week.
  • Register for academic credit for each internship.
  • Complete all of the required assignments as well as earn a passing grade of C or better.
  • Not take more than one three-credit hour class and complete an internship during any semester.
  • Make sure internships follow all guidelines and requirements outlined in the PGA Internship Handbook.