PGASA Executive Board

The PGA student association is dedicated to improving the quality of PGA students' lives while enrolled in the program. They are led by an executive board composed of six officers and four members of the board of directors, including representatives from each class level. The executive board leads the student association in all facets of student life, including running UNLV PGA tournaments, hosting social events, and coordinating guest speakers for monthly meetings. Read about the various position.

Past President

  • Served as president the previous year
  • Provides counsel to the incoming officers and board members but will not have voting privileges
  • Additional duties determined by the executive board


  • Spokesperson for the association
  • Sets schedules for activities and presides at all meetings
  • Ensures that the philosophy and mission of the executive board are communicated to all students in the association
  • Serves as the mentorship chair and appoints upper classman members to incoming freshmen
  • Appoints chairs to the following committees: tournament, fundraising, education, social, merchandise, and newsletter.
  • Sets the PGA student association budget for the academic year, including limits for committee spending and fundraising goals
  • Completed a minimum of 40 semester credits at time of nomination

Vice President

  • Serves as president when the president is unable to do so
  • Organizes the guest speaker series
  • Serves as the educational chair for the academic year to be held in conjunction with all PGA student association meetings
  • Oversees the PGA study groups and recognizes academic achievement
  • Completed a minimum of 40 semester credits at the time of nomination


  • Serves as general financial officer for the organization
  • Reports and communicates all financial activities of the student organization
  • Reports all financial activities during PGA student association meetings
  • Completed a minimum of 14 semester credits at time of nomination


  • Responsible for minutes and records of PGASA activities and meetings
  • Submits all meeting notes via email to the president and program director for all PGA student association and executive board meetings no later than one week after each meeting is adjourned
  • Completed a minimum of 14 semester credits at time of nomination

Tournament Director

  • Oversees the tournament committee
  • Coordinates all monthly tournaments sponsored by the PGASA
  • Report all results in the form of email and postings to the PGA student association no later than one week after each tournament is completed
  • Submits to the treasurer prize-payout details no later than one week after each tournament is completed
  • Is empowered upon approval by the executive board to appoint a match play coordinator and director's cup captains
  • Communicates with the PGA program director/internship coordinator the summer before the academic year to assist in the scheduling of fall and spring semester events
  • Administers the rules and regulations. The tournament coordinator at the time of nomination will have completed a minimum of 14 semester credits.

Board of Directors

  • In addition to the six officers noted above, there are four elected representatives, one for each class: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.
  • Each representative will serve as a spokesperson for his or her class during PGA student executive board meetings and general meetings.
  • Class representatives are responsible for the communication of executive board discussions and student associations activities to their respective class.
  • During the first PGA executive board meeting, each elected class representative will be appointed by the officers of the association to serve on a committee of interest. The following committees are available:
    • Tournament: To assist the tournament director in all PGA student association events.
    • Fundraising: To provide a minimum of six fundraising events per semester and organize fundraising activities for the association.
    • Social: To provide at least one social activity per month for the association.
    • Merchandise: To evaluate and report student merchandise interests and order PGA student association merchandise.
    • Newsletter: The editor shall submit two newsletters per semester to the program director for printing approval.

Ex-Officio Board Members

  • The past president will represent the officers and the board of directors in matters of the association as determined by the executive board.