Career Opportunities

Want to know what you could do with your concentration in PGA golf management? Career opportunities within the golf industry include:

Traditional Careers

  • Director of Golf
    "Director of Golf" refers to: An individual who directs the total golf operation of a PGA Recognized Golf Facility, including the golf shop, golf range, golf car operations (if applicable) and supervision of the Head Golf Professional.
  • Head Golf Professional
    "Head Golf Professional" refers to an individual whose primary employment is: (1) The ownership and operation of a golf shop at a PGA Recognized Golf Facility; or (2) The supervision and direction of the golf shop and supervision of teaching at a "PGA Recognized Golf Facility".
  • Director of Instruction
    "Director of Instruction" refers to an individual who is managing, supervising and directing the total teaching program at a PGA Recognized Golf School or PGA Recognized Facility.
  • Teaching Professional
    Individuals employed at PGA Recognized Golf Facilities, PGA Recognized Golf Schools, PGA Recognized Indoor Facilities as either golf instructors, supervisors of golf instructors or individuals who instruct PGA Professionals How to Teach.
  • Assistant Golf Professional
    "Assistant Golf Professional" refers to an individual who is primarily employed at a PGA Recognized Golf Facility and spends at least 50 percent of the time working on club repair, merchandising, handicapping records, inventory control, bookkeeping and tournament operations.

Expanded Careers

  • General Management
    General Managers and/or Directors of Club Operations manage the entire golf facility including golf operations, golf course maintenance, club house administration, food and beverage operation and other recreational activities at the facility.
  • Sales Representative
    Individuals primarily employed by one or more golf manufacturing or distributing companies involved in the wholesale sales and distribution of golf merchandise or golf-related supplies to golf facilities, retail stores or any other golf outlets.
  • Tournament Director
    Individuals primarily employed in the coordination, planning, and implementation of golf events for organizations, businesses, or associations.
  • Rules Official
    Individuals primarily employed in the provision of services as a rules official for recognized golf associations, recognized golf tours or recognized golf events.
  • Association Manager
    Individuals who are employed by the association, a section or the PGA TOUR in an administrative capacity and individuals who are employed full-time as employees of golf associations recognized by the board of directors.
  • Golf Manufacturer Management
    Individuals primarily employed in an executive, administrative or supervisory position with a golf industry manufacturer or golf industry distributor.
  • Broadcasting/Journalism
    Individuals primarily employed in the reporting, editing, writing or publishing of golf-related publications in any form of media (inclusive of, but not necessarily limited to, newspapers, magazines, the Internet) or in the broadcasting or commentating about golf events on network television, cable networks, the Internet or any other form of related media.
  • Ownership and Leasing / Executive Management
    Individuals who are employed in professional positions in management, development, ownership, operation and/or financing of facilities. This includes individuals who are involved in the management of more than two facilities, regardless of positions, titles or responsibilities.
  • Golf Course Development
    Individuals who are primarily employed in the design of golf courses as architects or individuals who are primarily employed in an ownership or management capacity as golf course builders.
  • Golf Course Maintenance
    Individuals primarily employed in the management of all activities in relation to maintenance, operation and management of a golf course. Individuals are required to satisfy the criteria of either a golf course superintendent or assistant golf course superintendent as defined by the Golf Course Superintendent's Association of America.
  • Golf Equipment Specialist
    Individuals primarily employed in the business of club fitting. They must use a recognized fitting system or a comparable system, must have all the necessary equipment normally associated with club fitting and must have access to a PGA-recognized golf range or a range at a PGA-recognized golf course to monitor ball flight. Individuals primarily employed in club repair must have an established place of business with all necessary equipment normally associated with club repair, or must service one or more golf tours or series of golf events.
  • Golf Retail/Ownership or Management
    Individuals whose primary employment is ownership or management of golf products or services at a "PGA Recognized Retail Facility" provided such employment specifically excludes primary employment as a clerk.
  • College-Golf Coach
    Individuals who are employed as golf coaches at accredited colleges, universities and junior colleges.
  • Golf Clinician
    Golf clinician refers to an individual whose main source of income is golf shows or clinics.