The office of Media Relations staff works to promote UNLV experts, research, projects, programs, and events. But to make the most of that coverage, you'll need to know how to maximize your time on camera, on air, or in print. The office of Media Relations can provide media training to individuals, departments, or colleges to help familiarize staff members with a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Why you should deal with the media
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • What to do in an interview to appear relaxed and knowledgeable, and how to avoid some common interview blunders
  • What you actually look like on camera and how to enhance your strengths and downplay your weaknesses
  • What to expect from an interview
  • How to use media terms correctly

UNLV has a good working relationship with the media and strives to be as helpful as possible to reporters. You can help us maintain that relationship by calling the office of Media Relations and letting us know if you speak to the media. If you normally do not interact with the media, take down the reporter's name, media outlet, and phone number and let the reporter know that someone will be in touch shortly.

To set up a media training session or to let us know that you've been contacted by the media, contact the office of Media Relations at 702-895-3102.


Tony Allen
Phone: 702-895-0893