UNLV encourages discussion, research, and freedom of expression. The institution operates on the principle that it is an open campus where restrictions on news media personnel should be limited. But respect for the privacy of our students, faculty and staff, and occasional mitigating circumstances require that we set some guidelines regarding access.

News-gathering personnel, including television camera crews, are free to enter the campus without permission, though they are encouraged to first contact the office of Media Relations so that we may help facilitate their visit to campus.

Still and video photography on campus from which images will be used for commercial profit or distribution, or any use other than reporting for an accredited news media outlet, must be approved in advance by the office of Media Relations.

The use of still or video images from the campus for advocacy of political positions or candidacies is prohibited.

Media access to classrooms, offices, and to all residence halls is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the office of Media Relations.