ISSS assists UNLV departments in facilitating the hiring of international employees through various employment-based immigration sponsorships. ISSS also works with hosting departments who may wish to invite visiting or guest researchers, lecturers, etc. for a period of stay at UNLV. Those with questions should contact ISSS directly ( for more information.

For international hires and sponsorships, departments should be aware that COMPLETED immigration sponsorship requests for any international employees or scholars must be submitted to ISSS for review a minimum of 2 months in advance of the intended start date. Depending on the case details, more time may be required for an individual to obtain the necessary immigration status for their employment or stay at UNLV. Additional details on common scholar/employment-based immigration statuses can be found below.

  • E-3 immigration status is for citizens of Australia employed in an eligible specialty occupation. The requirements for E-3 immigration status are in many ways are similar to those of the more common H-1B employment visa. E-3 status can be granted in 2-year increments. Hiring departments with questions about E-3 immigration status should contact ISSS to discuss.

  • Only 1,001 institutes of higher education and third-party program sponsors in the U.S. are authorized to host a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, marking that participation in this program is highly prestigious.

  • H-1B is a visa status which allows UNLV to employ individuals in certain “specialty occupations.”

  • O-1 immigration status for extraordinary ability may be appropriate for a select number of international employees who are otherwise ineligible for H-1B immigration status. Hiring departments with questions about O-1 immigration status should contact ISSS to discuss.

  • Employment-based permanent residency (“green card”) sponsorship is at the discretion of the employer. UNLV is not obligated to sponsor U.S. permanent residency for its international employees.

  • TN immigration status is an employment based category that is specific to citizens of Canada and Mexico. Hiring departments with questions about TN immigration status should contact ISSS to discuss.