F-1 Requirements

All F-1 international students must have health insurance while studying at UNLV. This is typically handled by automatically enrolling F-1 international students in a qualifying health insurance plan that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and also includes medical evacuation and repatriation in the plan.

As a result, travel insurance plans will not meet these criteria and students must still have the UNLV health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Waiver for F-1 International Students

Students who feel that they are covered by an existing health insurance plan can apply for a health insurance waiver at the link below. Waivers must be completed every semester for International students.

F-1 Health Insurance Waiver

Health Insurance Application for Students on Optional Practical Training 

While students on OPT will not be required to have health insurance while on their OPT, International Student and Scholar Services strongly recommends that students do maintain health insurance coverage while they are working in the U.S. as medical costs can be quite expensive here.

Students on OPT have three options for health insurance:

  1. Coverage through their employer

    1. If available, this may be the most cost effective option as usually the employer will pay for at least some of the premiums

  2. Health insurance through the Affordable Care Act

    1. If health insurance is not available through a student’s employer, students can purchase their own health insurance plan through the government healthcare website. There students can compare costs and plan coverages to see which one fits their needs best.

  3. Health insurance through UNLV

    1. Students can repurchase the same health insurance plan that they had through UNLV. The cost may be higher for this plan though, but it is an option. More information can be found at the link below.

OPT Health Insurance Application

Additional Questions

If students have any questions regarding health insurance coverage while at UNLV, they can find more information on the UNLV Student Health Insurance page or email Ellen Bolt at insurancewaiver.grads@unlv.edu.

J-1 Requirements

All J-1 exchange visitors are required to maintain health insurance coverage for the duration of their program in the U.S. This health insurance must meet certain federal regulatory minimums, including the following: 

  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per person per accident or illness;

  • Repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000;  

  • Expenses associated with medical evacuation in the amount of $50,000.

  • Deductibles not to exceed $500 per accident or illness

Eligible for UNLV Health Insurance (PEBP)

J-1 Exchange Visitors who are eligible to enroll in health insurance benefits through UNLV (PEPB) must choose between either the Low Deductible PPO or the HMO through PEBP. In addition to signing up for one of these two PEBP plans, you will also be responsible for purchasing a separate plan that specifically covers medical evacuation and repatriation. Below you will see information for two different companies that provide these plans; please choose one of these plans when you need to renew your medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. 

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Only Plans

NOT Eligible for UNLV Health Insurance

For J-1 Exchange Visitors who are NOT eligible to enroll in health insurance benefits through UNLV, you must purchase adequate health insurance coverage for you and any dependents from UNLV’s AHP insurance program for the ENTIRE length of your program. If you do not have an NSHE ID, you may use your passport number for the ‘Student ID’ section.

All degree-seeking students at UNLV, including J-1 students, will be automatically enrolled in the UNLV student health insurance plan which meets these minimum requirements.