Filming on the UNLV Campus

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas approves filming and photography requests that are consistent with the university’s brand and mission. To film on the UNLV campus, productions must not interfere with normal university business. The Office of Public Affairs is responsible for granting film permits for all UNLV campuses and satellite locations. We screen and process all requests for approval and coordinate with the various campus units on behalf of the production.

Commercial filming includes but is not limited to: motion pictures, television shows, documentaries and web-series that do not center UNLV in its subject matter. Additionally, shooting for professional photography, public service announcements or other projects not related to UNLV or its programs including recording live events for web or social media use require a campus filming permit.

Guidelines for Campus Filming

All requests for commercial filming, photography, or other video productions such as television must be directed to the Office of Public Affairs. Permission must be granted by the Office of Public Affairs in order to film on the UNLV main campus or any of its satellite locations.

UNLV retains the right to approve subject matter filmed on our campus. The requester should detail the subject matter in a narrative and/or storyboard format. In some circumstances, full script review may be required. Please note: The Office of Public Affairs will deny such requests where the subject matter is deemed inconsistent with the goals, mission and values of the University.


  1. Advanced notice is required. We require at least 4 weeks for major productions and a minimum of 2 weeks for smaller productions.
  2. A narrative summary or storyboard of the entire project in addition to the scenes being petitioned to film on the UNLV campus must be provided.
  3. A signed UNLV location release is required. Please allow additional time to negotiate the terms of the release with university counsel.
  4. A certificate of insurance naming the NSHE Board of Regents on behalf of UNLV as additional insured. The COI should provide general liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate. Additional coverages may be necessary based on the operations and activities of the filming event.
  5. Permit fees paid prior to filming. The campus filming permit fee plus any facility reservation fees must be paid in advance of the filming date. Acceptable forms of payment include checks made payable to the “Board of Regents” or a credit card with a signed authorization form.

Fee Schedule

Production Size ½ day filming Full day filming
Small $850 per day $1,100 per day
Large $1,400 per day $1,800 per day
Photography $300 $300


The Office of Public Affairs will review your submission and contact you within 2 to 3 business days to discuss availability, schedule a location scout and go over any additional required information.

Filming your Booked Event at a University Venue

If a production company is being hired out to tape the event to air on television or part of marketing or promotional materials for the company/organization then it falls within the guidelines of commercial filming and the normal procedures for commercial film requests applies. If taping will occur to document or preserve record of the event not to be publicized at large then no commercial permit form is required.

News Media

News photography and filming does not require a film permit. All news outlets should contact the Office of Media Relations prior to arriving on campus.

Tony Allen, Director


Keyonna Summers, Media Specialist


Main line


Student Filming

Students are not required to obtain a commercial filming permit from the Office of Public Affairs if their filming is related to academic course work or on behalf of a registered student organization. However, students must obtain permission from campus facility managers, including paying reservation fees, to film inside any campus buildings.

UNLV Faculty & Staff

If you are contacted by a film or television producer about filming on any parts of campus please refer them to the Office of Public Affairs at 702-895-3102. Permission to film anywhere on the UNLV campus can only be granted by the Office of Public Affairs with the exception of student projects related to academic course work or a registered student organization. If our office approves a commercial filming request then we will contact you directly to inquire about scheduling, availability and fees.

Campus Filming Locations

Most locations available for filming may be previewed on the UNLV campus life website.

List of Locations

  • Classrooms & auditoriums (various campus locations)
  • Meeting rooms (various locations)
  • Laboratories (requires college of sciences dept. chair approval)
  • Moot Court (requires law school approval)
  • Athletic Spaces
    • Student Recreation Wellness Center
    • Basketball courts
    • Swimming pool
    • Track stadium
    • Baseball field
    • Soccer Field
  • Outdoor Spaces
    • Campus green space
    • Alumni Amphitheatre
    • North field
    • Student Union Courtyard
    • Pida Plaza
  • Barrick Museum (requires museum approval)
    • Xeric Garden
    • Auditorium
    • Exhibit hall
  • Performing Arts Center (PAC approval required)
    • Judy Bayley Theatre
    • Ham Concert Hall
    • Black Box Theatre
  • Thomas & Mack Center, Strip View Pavillion, Sam Boyd Stadium & Cox Pavilion
    • Contracts to reserve these spaces for commercial filming are handled by UNLV Athletics Department personnel. While these spaces are available for commercial filming, there may be restrictions related to licensing and use of the UNLV name, logo and associated marks that appear in each venue.