Registration/Logging On

To use RebelWebToPrint, you will need a UNLV ACE account. When you first go to the RebelWebToPrint website, you will need to login into the standard UNlV ACE login authentication page.

Once logged in, you will need to fill out the required fields for your account profile.

If you order for more than one department/division, choose the department/division you will be ordering for most often. You can change which department/division you are affiliated with at any time by clicking on the My Profile link.

*Note: you will not need to enter in a password as you will be using your ACE credentials to login into the system.

In order to complete your profile setup, you must provide at least one Workday worktag. You can only set up five Worktags for your profile so use your five most commonly used Worktags. You can modify your Worktags at any time.


*Note: You will be able to only to order one item at a time.

Envelopes and Letterhead

At this time, we are only offering red and black UNLV envelopes and letterhead items on our website. If you require black ink only UNLV envelopes and/or letterhead, please contact our front office at 702-895-5344 or email us at to place your order.

If you do not see the letterhead and/or envelopes items for your department, please contact

Business Cards

The UNLV business cards templates will accommodate most UNLV faculty and staff members. If this template does not accommodate your needs (eg. you have a lot of credentials or titles that won’t fit on the business card), you can submit your order request to or contact the main office at 702-895-5344.

There are some departments that have a custom back side for their business cards. We will assess these types of business cards down the road and add these customized business cards to the site. For these type of business cards, please submit your business card order requests to or at the Reprographics and Design Services front office.

Quickprint Jobs (Uploaded customer ready to print files)

The ability to upload your custom artwork files for print jobs is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience as we’ll be adding this feature very shortly. In the meantime, please submit your custom print file request orders to the Reprographics front office or email us your order at

Shipping and Billing

Make sure your shipping information is accurate before submitting your order. If you have any comments or special instructions, put them in the comment section. If you are picking this order up at the Reprographics front office, you have the ability to select this option at check out.

At checkout, you will see the item and price you ordered. For custom print jobs, the price will be TBD as this will be calculated at later time. Custom print jobs will show a price of $0.00 until further notice.

If you have entered multiple worktags in your account profile, they will appear in the Worktags drop down menu. Please select the Worktag your order will be billed too.

If your order requires an approver, check the ‘Check this box if the account requires approval.’ box. Enter in your manager’s or approver’s email address that will need to approve the order. Once the order is placed, you will see your order confirmation as well as receive an email order confirmation. Orders that require an approver’s approval will be sent an email to approve your order. You will receive an email confirmation once he/she approves or denies your order.

*Note: Orders that require an approver to grant your order will not become a real order until the approver grants your order.

For online orders through RebelWebToPrint, make sure to reference your order number when inquiring about your order. For general questions about RebelWebToPrint, contact our main office at 702-895-5344. If your experiencing any technical issues, please email any issues to