Effective Summer 2019, UNLV has a new contract that will provide and service all office copiers (also known as multifunctional devices) that can copy, scan, and fax. The vendor, Elan Office Systems, is a locally based company and Xerox subsidiary that will provide copiers to all UNLV locations. 

While every department has different copying needs and history, most will not see an increase in their copying costs, depending on the type of equipment selected and the number of copies made each month.

All requests for new or replacement copiers must be made through Integrated Graphics Services so a needs assessment can to conducted to determine the best type of copier for a department based on historical volumes and work demands. Every effort will be made to work with departments regarding the appropriate equipment to meet needs and copy volumes, however, changes in equipment should not be made unless there is a demonstrated need. Keeping equipment changes to a minimum is in the best interests of the university and will help keep costs down. Please do not contact Elan directly for equipment.

As in the past, you will receive a bill each month through Integrated Graphics Services. 

Your copier will operate more effectively if it is networked. A networked copier alerts you when you need to order toner. In addition, any service problems can be detected early and handled without you losing service.

UNLV Copier Program Service and Supplies Requests

There is a new procedure for placing a service call via phone or website for repairs or to order supplies. Order a new toner cartridge whenever you install a cartridge. Do not wait to order until it runs low or out.

  • Every copier has the Elan phone number and an LV number posted on it.
  • Call Elan 702-515-0300 to request a service call.
  • Provide the LV number posted on the machine.
  • Service hours are from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday
  • You can also visit the Elan Office Systems website to place a service request or order supplies.
  • Your request will be logged in and repair personnel can be dispatched locally. Elan personnel should respond to your call within 4 hours.

Customer Responsibilities 

  • Provide a suitable location and space for the copier that meets Elan/Xerox and university requirements.
  • Provide required electrical outlets and data drops.
  • Provide a "key operator/contact" for department copier and keep your key contact information up to date with IGS at all times. Key contacts include the (a) key operator and (b) the administrative aide in your department responsible for copiers and bill payment.
  • Fill own paper trays.
  • Clear paper jams.
  • Change toner cartridges as necessary.
  • Call or visit the website for service and supplies.
  • IMPORTANT - Be sure to notify Integrated Graphic Services if your department is moving or you need to move your copier to a different location. Only qualified IGS or Elan staff can move your copier.

Helpful Hints and Tips

  • When using paper originals, be sure they are clean, unwrinkled, unstapled, untorn or creased
  • Originals should be the same size to minimize the chance of jamming
  • Store paper at room temperature and away from heating and air-conditioning ducts.
  • For best results always "fan" copier paper before loading it into the paper tray. Fanning also puts air between the sheets and reduces static electricity.
  • When loading the paper trays, make sure you have put the paper in straight to reduce misfeeds and jams.
  • Paper that is not used frequently should be taped shut in its wrapper to minimize moisture, which can cause jams and poor copy quality.
  • When using a code to make copies, be sure to delete the code when you are done.


  • For information, questions, new requests, upgrades/downgrades, service complaints or compliments, contact Victor Cinelli at victor.cinelli@unlv.edu or 702-895-2715.
  • For copier program billing/contract accounts payable, contact Integrated Graphics Services at 702-895-2041.
  • For equipment training in your department around your schedule, call 702-895-2715 to setup a session. Periodically, IGS and Elan will conduct seminars on the efficient use of your digital multi-functional equipment. Training videos are also available on the Elan website.
  • To make arrangements to network your copier, call 702-895-2715. Integrated Graphics Services will help coordinate your request with the Office of Information Technology at 702-895-0777.
  • UNLV/Elan Office Services Website