2018 Responsible Gaming Ambassadors Program Graduates - Macau

2018 Responsible Gaming Ambassadors Program Graduates - Macau

2018 Responsible Gaming Ambassadors Program Graduates - Singapore

2018 Responsible Gaming Ambassadors Program Graduates - Singapore

What is the Responsible Gaming Ambassadors Program?

We believe that the IGI's responsible gaming training programs represent a global "best in class" product, and we take tremendous pride in providing customized responsible gaming education programs that reflect both cutting-edge research and real-world practice. IGI is not only a global leader in research, having worked extensively on RG issues on six continents and more than 30 countries, but also has hospitality and gaming management professors from the number one-ranked William F. Harrah College of Hospitality—emphasizing the incorporation of customer service best practices. Most importantly, these programs are taught directly by the experts who deliver international keynotes in the problem gambling field, and not via a train-the-trainer approach that often results in a watered-down experience. In sum, IGI bridges the scientific and the practical, the academic and the applied, and the human sciences and the business sciences, in a way that no other global entity can.

What follows are a variety of course options that can be included in a customized responsible gaming education program, though it is important to note that programs can be fully customized to meet a company’s needs and interests.

Sample Course Offerings

Depending on your organization's needs, sample course offerings may include a look into responsible gaming global case studies, insights into emerging issues in problem gambling, and/or on-site field trips to various treatment facilities.

In The News

"Since 2013, Professor Bernhard has been coming to Macau to deliver advanced responsible gaming training for Sands China team members. His expertise in his area means that our team members are able to gain insights from one of the leaders in responsible gaming education. The quality of his presentations have resulted in our elite Gaming Ambassadors leaving the training with enhanced responsible gaming knowledge and skills, better equipping them to serve our customers. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Dr. Bernhard as we further strengthen our company’s responsible gaming program."

Winnie Wong
Chief Responsible Gaming Officer and VP of Special Gaming Projects
Venetian Macau (subsidiary of Sands China)

"Dr. Bernhard and UNLV International Gaming Institute (IGI) provide expert information and guidance that informs our responsible gaming strategy and its five core pillars—Team Member training, Ambassador assistance (24/7), self-limit options, accessible and prominent signage for resources, and partnerships with organizations that support this cause—all designed to directly reach and help patrons before a problem develops. Our global training with the latest science-based information, provided by Dr. Bernhard and IGI faculty and staff, is an ongoing, empowering tool for our Team Members on how best to respond and refer. This annual training is met with much anticipation from our Team Members as they are always enthusiastic to participate. Dr. Bernhard’s exceptional knowledge on globalized gaming, his world-renowned education and training style, and his ability to relate to everyone he teaches, trains and speaks with have all been extremely valuable and integral to the success of the Las Vegas Sands responsible gaming program."

Maria-Christina Annaloro
Director of Government Relations & Social Sciences
Las Vegas Sands