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Executive Development Program

About the Program

We are proud to partner with our colleagues at the University of Nevada, Reno, for the 2019 Executive Development Program (EDP)—held every fall in beautiful Lake Tahoe. 

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Bill Eadington, the pioneer of commercial gaming studies, EDP preserves his legacy by encouraging future leaders of the global gaming industry to think strategically about emerging industry issues.

Components of this 9-day program are twofold. Participants will:

  • Attend daily seminars taught by some of the business world’s most influential innovators and executives
  • Collaborate with team members to confront challenges and embrace opportunities—applying what they’ve learned to a case-study analysis 

The most prestigious leadership development academy of its kind, EDP creates lifelong connections and enables participants to gain valuable insights into an ever-changing industry.

This year's program will be co-moderated by IGI Executive Director, Dr. Bo Bernhard, and former Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman, Mark Lipparelli (himself a graduate of EDP), and will be held in November 2019.

Access the Executive Development Program web page for further details.

EDP Gender Diversity Scholarship

In 2018, the Executive Development Program partnered with the European Casino Association (ECA), AGEM, and Clarion to create one of the industry’s first executive education scholarship opportunities for women in gaming.

By providing one burgeoning female executive with the opportunity to attend this prestigious program, EDP, the ECA, AGEM, and Clarion are demonstrating their commitment to diversity for the betterment of global gaming.

Though this year’s Executive Development Program boasted more than 60 graduates from places including Finland, Macau, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, and Canada—and represented men and women of all ages and backgrounds—the four organizations behind the scholarship recognize the more diversity in attendance the better.

Pauline Boyer Martin, the recipient of this year’s Gender Diversity Scholarship, says “Diversity of all kinds, not just gender diversity, is a key issue that needs to be addressed in every industry. At the end of the day, diversity is a business issue, not a political issue. Diversity of thought, background, and experience is key to generating new ideas—and I’m so thankful for the diversity I got to experience at EDP.”

Boyer Martin began her career in Paris, working in sales and marketing for world leaders in fashion and luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton and Kookai—after earning her Master of Science in Business from Emlyon Business School and her post-graduate Program in Fashion and Luxury Management from Institut Français de la Mode in Paris.

Scholarship Recipient Pauline Boyer Martin

For personal reasons, Boyer Martin made the move from Paris to Lyon—applying what she learned from her role in high fashion to her new job in the gaming industry with JOA Group. Within JOA Group, Boyer Martin is now the marketing director, supervising thirty corporate employees across 24 casinos and chief operating officer for four casinos, supervising 250 people and a turnover of 30 million.

Before EDP, Boyer Martin hoped the program would help her to develop a better understanding of the industry from people who work in various roles across the casino. Now that she’s officially an EDP graduate, however, Boyer Martin realizes that the program is more valuable than she could have ever imagined.

“This program has taught me so much about leadership and leadership skills,” Boyer Martin says, “I hope when I return home to France and JOA Group, I will be able to manage my team better—make them trust in themselves and grow. And, of course, I will encourage my co-workers, and every executive in the industry, to attend this one-of-a-kind program in Lake Tahoe—the Executive Development Program,” says Boyer Martin.

If you know a soon-to-be executive in the industry (or are yourself one) and think this program will benefit you, please apply for the 2019 Executive Development Program or contact us for more information.

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