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Executive Development Program

About EDP Presents: All the Crises, All the Time

In light of 2020’s events, the creators of the Executive Development Program (EDP) adjusted the format of this esteemed program to ensure the safety and health of all EDP students, faculty, and the global gaming community at large. 

In November 2020, the International Gaming Institute, along with colleagues from the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business and Extended Studies, presented the first-ever “EDP Presents: All the Crises, All the Time.” This weeklong, live, entirely online experience, spanned multiple time zones and brought together today’s leaders in crisis management to teach a future generation. The premise behind the program: if something like a pandemic can happen in 2020, another disaster is likely looming around the corner. By the nature of our industry, hospitality and gaming professionals not only need to be prepared for “the next COVID,” but they are also uniquely positioned to provide leadership, insights, and ideas to other industries.

To learn more about EDP Presents (including a list of our 2020 speakers), please visit the full EDP Presents website, watch the short video below, or check out the Photo Gallery and Student Testimonials links at the bottom of this page.

About the Executive Development Program (EDP)

UNLV International Gaming Institute is proud to continue our partnership with our colleagues at the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business and Extended Studies for the Executive Development Program (EDP).

Founded by Dr. Bill Eadington, the pioneer of commercial gaming studies, and now in its thirtieth year, EDP preserves his legacy by encouraging future leaders of the global gaming industry to think strategically about emerging industry issues.

Burgeoning leaders in every facet of the gaming/hospitality industry are encouraged to apply for this rigorous industry bootcamp. Over the 9-day program, participants will attend daily seminars taught by some of the world’s most influential gaming/casino/hospitality executives and collaborate with other attendees to apply what they’ve learned in a case-study analysis.

The most prestigious leadership development academy of its kind, EDP creates lifelong connections and enables participants to gain valuable insights into an ever-changing industry.

Visit the EDP website for a full list of past speakers, an at-a-glance agenda, and for information on how to apply.


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