White Papers

White Papers Resulting from Internal Research

An assessment of AML risks linked to accepting crypto-payments in the gambling sector (A regulator’s guide)

This paper by Amanda Gore examines the implementation and impact of cryptocurrencies in the gambling sector. Cryptocurrency is still a new phenomenon where only a select few jurisdictions have sought to regulate these new payments. The volatility of the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have also prevented a more widespread use of crypto payments across the sector but create space for new types of crypto-assets to be used including the use of stablecoins. Some of the issues associated with the implementation of cryptocurrency payments are not unique to the gambling sector but the wider crypto landscape and the use of crypto as a payment versus as an investment. This research has focused on the emerging trends of how crypto payments are currently used and the potential future iterations of development.

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Wagering and Wall Street, An Inevitable Encounter - WP 4.0

This paper by Bruce Merati discusses the similarities between options and futures markets with sports betting and introduces a new class of bets called composite bets that will generate additional revenues for casino operators. The paper introduces exchange tradeable bets placed at the state level that are traded as bet derivatives at a national exchange level. The paper explains how casino operators can participate in the exchange as issuers and market makers of a new class of bets without cannibalizing their current offerings.

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Regulatory Trends from Nevada Gaming Commission Dispositions

By Donghyun Lee & Jean-Lionel Mesidor
How much time does the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board spend on approving licenses, proposed changes in corporate structure or new games? By understanding how the Commission spends its time, regulators may be able to better allocate their resources. Understanding these macro trends will help lawyers, licensees, and professionals in the industry obtain a clearer picture of the gaming regulatory landscape. Please note that additional materials are available upon request from the ICGR.

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Training Needs of the Responsible Gambling Professional - WP 3.0

The ICGR thanks the authors at GP Consulting for allowing their work to be included on our website.

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Is a Clustered or Isolated Casino Location Model Better? - WP 2.0

The ICGR thanks the author, Douglas M. Walker, for allowing his work to be included on our website.

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Self-Exclusion Mechanism and GDPR Principles - WP 1.0

The ICGR thanks the author, Dusan Pavlovic, for allowing his work to be included on our website.

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White Papers from Research Fellowships

Artificial intelligence use in sports betting for improved player interaction: Machine/human interface

The ICGR thanks Principal investigator Dr. Nasim Binesh and Co-PIs: Dr. Robert Rippee, Dr. Amanda Belarmino, and Joo Yeun Kim for their work on this paper. Dr. Nasim Binesh received her PhD in Hospitality Administration PhD from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida.This study looks at the customer perception and intention to use service robots and kiosk in sports betting. Given the prolonged impact of COVID-19 on gaming industry e.g., shortage of staff, and the new era of technology the outcomes of this study will benefit casino managers to better understand the patron preference regarding artificially enables technology. The outcomes will also help casino managers by providing detailed feedback from customers about each agent.

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Online Sports Betting in a Federal System - Designing a State-Based Regulatory Framework to Regulate Online Sports Wagering in a Federal Structure - FR 2.0

The ICGR thanks the author, Angus Abadee, for his work on online sports wagering regulation. The ICGR sponsored this research in our 2020 fellowship program.

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Regulating Sports Gaming Data - FR 1.0

The ICGR thanks the author, Ryan Rodenberg, JD/PhD, for his work on regulating sports gaming data. The ICGR sponsored this research in our 2019 fellowship program.

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Online Casinos, Alternative Payment Mechanisms and the Associated Financial Crime Risks

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Tribal Research

As states continue to legalize sports wagering, more tribes are seeking legal, fiscal, and regulatory clarity on whether and how to build out their business models and operational capacity to open sports books or offer mobile wagering. Many questions remain unresolved or are being answered on a case-by-case basis, with compact or regulatory uncertainty, resource inefficiency, or externalities like optimizing the terms of tribal-commercial partnerships placing a drag on tribal market entry.

Kathryn Rand & Steven Light, as the ICGR's Distinguished Senior Fellows in Tribal Gaming, have developed the ICGR White Paper Series on the Regulation of Tribal Sports Wagering with the goal to help identify and understand emerging and best practices in the law, regulation, and public policy of tribal gaming.

Specifically, the current series of White Papers addresses the question of how tribally owned and operated sports books are being regulated for key markets in states that have legalized sports wagering.

This is both timely and needed research, because as states have moved quickly to legalize sports wagering, a number of tribes also are entering these markets, but the legal, regulatory, and public policy architecture for doing so varies by state, and is not yet well documented or understood as a matter of best practice.