The establishment of a university-based International Center for Gaming Regulation effectively invents this important academic field. This center engages in a wide variety of important tasks, including:

  • Conducting research into understanding and improving regulation
  • Working with regulators and other stakeholders worldwide to ensure they have the information, knowledge, and tools to analyze and improve gaming policies and regulation in their jurisdiction
  • Offering the highest levels of information, research, knowledge, networking, and instruction available on gaming regulation to a global audience
  • Promoting best practices for policies, legislation, and regulatory standards
  • Serving as a knowledge forum and educational portal open to policymakers, legislators, regulators, gaming lawyers, law enforcement, the gaming industry, and other key stakeholders


With the expansion of gaming across the globe, the need for a strong, knowledgeable voice in the area of gaming regulation has become critical. The International Center for Gaming Regulation (ICGR) collaborates with other educational institutions across the world, ensuring academic and scientific independence via peer review, and offers opportunities for faculty and program sharing.

We serve the global regulatory community by opening lines of communication between legislators, operators, regulators, vendors, and gaming lawyers, across jurisdictional boundaries.


Research and teaching are the two key pillars of the International Center for Gaming Regulation.

Research: Through our cutting-edge research and regulatory evaluation, we develop analyses and best practices; disseminating data and information.

Teaching: Our regulatory research and evaluation are incorporated into our teaching; providing world-class educational programs for the world’s regulators.


To ensure independence and objectivity, the International Center for Gaming Regulation maintains the most rigorous and stringent firewalls in academe. These are based upon established best practices in other academic settings and ensure that funding sources have no influence over our research and academic programs.

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The establishment of the International Center for Gaming Regulation augers well for gaming regulation across the globe. From the International Association of Gaming Regulators’ (IAGR) perspective, we welcome this ground-breaking initiative, which we believe is a huge development in an effort to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation. IAGR, whose mission is to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation, can only benefit from this Center. With the complexity of the gaming industry, brought about primarily by the rapid technological advancement, such a central repository of knowledge and expertise presents a perfect solution for gaming regulators to tap into, both in terms of best practices as well as capacity building through training of regulators.

— Bheki Mlambo, Former President, International Association of Gaming Regulators