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Our History

The International Center for Gaming Regulation (known as the ICGR or “The Center”) was established as a result of Senate Bill 51 during the 2012 Nevada Legislative session with the intent of founding the world’s only institute focused on the online and land-based casino industries. Building on, and sponsored by, the unique expertise of the International Gaming Institute and UNLV’s Boyd School of Law, its founders saw the need for a continuing and broad platform for educating, studying, advising, and researching the gaming industry and its regulations.

With the rise of Macau and other Asian markets, along with the migration to digital and online gaming, UNLV and The Center’s founder had the vision to recognize that in order to continue to lead and affect policy, an institute should be focused on that mission. Moreover, it was critical that the scope was international to ensure that all viewpoints and best practices from many gaming jurisdictions were included.


The Center was established the following year with the following broad objectives:

  1. Provide a research funding and repository mechanism for gaming and gaming regulation.
  2. Educate the gaming industry about regulatory compliance and operational functions.
  3. Provide a thought leadership platform for the regulatory and compliance forum.
  4. Act as a trusted advisor to governments, gaming jurisdictions, and sovereign nations from around the world.

The state of Nevada’s longstanding, unique position as one of the few gambling jurisdictions in the world is a part of a quickly growing and changing ecosystem. Initially, The Center focused on serving international gaming regulators and established itself as the premier and only resource for regulators and their respective agencies. With the continued stratospheric growth of Macau and Asian markets, the migration to digital and online gaming, and the further growth of gaming around the world, the Center shifted its focus in 2020.

The Center now targets and provides resources for gaming and highly regulated industries, which includes operators, suppliers, the legal community, law enforcement, and other stakeholders

The ICGR Today

Today, the ICGR operates a thriving think tank, Thought Leadership Councils, and conducts research while providing an unparalleled educational platform and an advisory services practice.

The Center's Services Lifecycle

Bubble flowchart that flows clockwise with Education at the top, followed by Research, Thought Leadership Councils, and Advisory Sciences

Conducting and sponsoring academic research to provide a basis for thought leadership, best practices, and policy development. The Center’s Services Lifecycle provides premium advisory services along with continuing education.


Thomas A. Jingoli

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Konami Gaming Co.

"The work of UNLV's International Center for Gaming Regulation powers research, education, analysis, and connection to jurisdictions around the world."

Kathryn Rand and Steven Light

Distinguished ICGR Fellows

"The ICGR is continuing to establish itself as the premier resource for trusted and proven knowledge and expertise related to gaming regulation, and that holds true for Indian gaming regulation as well."

Chris Grove

Principal, Head of Sports & Emerging Verticals, Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, ICGR Fellow

"The ICGR stands along as an objective, non-commercialized source, for credible information and analysis regarding the wide array of complex, nuanced issues associated with the regulation of gambling."

Sandra Douglass Morgan

Chair, Nevada Gaming Control Board

"Collaboration with other regulators is incredibly important, and it is imperative that we all share best practices as well as challenges as commercial gaming and sports betting expand to other jurisdictions."