If you are a UNLV freshman coming from a high school outside of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, or Pahrump; and you are taking six or more credits; the university requires that you live on campus in the UNLV residence halls.

This requirement applies to students who are in their first year after/post high school graduation. For example, if you graduated high school in 2021 and you attend UNLV in fall 2021, you are required to live in the residence halls.


Limited exceptions are available for students that:

  • Are married
  • Graduated high school at least one year prior to entering UNLV and have been living independently or serving in the military
  • Transfer to UNLV after completing at least two semesters at another college or university (not freshman transfer WUE recipients)
  • Are living with a parent or legal guardian within metropolitan Las Vegas
  • Or have certified medical/disability limitations beyond accommodations made in collaboration with the Disability Resource Center

The Office of Housing & Residential Life is the sole authority for exceptions, which must be in writing following application for a waiver. Non-compliance with the on-campus housing requirement may be cause for denial or cancellation of class registration by UNLV.