Government Engagement at UNLV

The UNLV Office of Government and Community Engagement promotes effective communication between representatives of the university and representatives of local, state, and federal governments.

The Office monitors legislative developments, and provides accurate and timely analyses of proposals and their potential impacts on UNLV students, staff, and faculty.

The office supports UNLV by:

  • Ensuring the UNLV community is responsive to legislative requests and legislators are aware of the value Nevada receives from its investments in higher education.
  • Facilitating UNLV's research, teaching, and community engagement efforts making certain they are designed to meet the needs of all Nevadans.

Additionally, the office provides policy and guidance for the campus community relative to Elected Officials visits to campus, as well as how to best prepare for Legislative Sessions.

Policies, Best Practices, and Resources

Nevadans have many opportunities to advocate for higher education and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. We encourage all citizens to engage with their state legislators in person, by phone, and by email. As a citizen, your efforts are important year-round – in your district, in Carson City, and in Washington, D.C.

Local Engagement Resources

The UNLV Office of Government and Community Engagement represents the university by building and maintaining relationships with the local community/elected and appointed officials, their staff, and key community leaders, and identifies emerging issues and proposals of interest to the university in order to recommend strategies and advocate the University's position.

State Engagement Resources

The UNLV Office of Government and Community Engagement Office coordinates university engagement with legislators, the Governor’s office, and the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Federal Engagement Resources

The Office of Government & Community Engagement represents the university in its interactions with members of Congress, their staffs, and executive branch agencies. We promote UNLV’s research, education, and community engagement activities in an effort to increase federal support for the university and to expand awareness of UNLV in Washington, D.C.

UNLV Federal Appropriations

Each year, UNLV diligently prepares and submits appropriations requests for federal funding, including program requests, plus-ups, language requests, and community project funding, (formerly "earmarks").

UNLV strives to align its funding requests with federal priorities and community needs. Planning for and preparation of UNLV’s appropriations requests typically begins two years ahead of the fiscal year corresponding to the requests.

The Nevada System of Higher Education partners with Van Scoyoc Associates to assist system partners, including UNLV, with navigating the annual appropriations process. Upon request, the Office of Government and Community Engagement can provide related resources to the campus community which provide insight into the process and tools to help prepare submissions for inclusion in UNLV’s appropriations requests.

Guidelines for the Campus Community

Before you begin advocating for UNLV, please familiarize yourself with the following:

  • A policy of nonpartisanship and neutrality governs the University and its employees at all times in their relationship with elected officials or persons campaigning for public office.
  • UNLV will not sponsor or support political candidates, ballot initiatives, or questions.
  • UNLV campus mail and email will not be used to distribute political materials in any form. This applies to both members and nonmembers of the University community.
  • If the titles of faculty and staff used in political correspondence might reasonably be construed as implying support, endorsement or opposition of the University with regard to any non-university activity or issue, the identification shall be accompanied by an explicit statement that the individual is speaking for himself or herself and not as a representative of the University or any of its offices or units.