Community Engagement Activity

UNLV’s Office of Government and Community Engagement facilitates the university’s annual Campus Community Engagement Inventory and administers the annual UNLV Community Partner Survey. These efforts help the university better understand the many ways the campus connects with our community, as well as community partner perceptions of the university’s community engagement activities. The UNLV Community Engagement Dashboard contains key indicators gathered from these two data collection efforts.

If you have questions regarding UNLV’s community engagement activity or the data contained on the slides below, please reach out to us.

Note: In Academic Year 2024, the university revised the mechanisms used to collect our annual data. As a result, year-over-year data is not yet available for all key indicators below. To see individual data points, please hover over the given bar. Also, clicking on a year at the bottom of each graph will allow users to remove that year's data from the graph, facilitating more customized graphs and simplifying the image. Click the year again, and that data bar will return to the graph.

Community Perceptions

UNLV strives to improve the lives of our students and transform our communities. This focus is emphasized by the university’s strategic plan, Top Tier 2.0, which includes eight core areas of focus. One of these core areas is Community Partnerships which includes five strategic objectives developed in partnership with the campus and the community. Community partner perceptions of how successful UNLV has been in meeting each of the five objectives can be found below.