The U.S. Department of Education requires UNLV to verify information submitted by students or parents on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to ensure that students receive the proper financial aid award packages. About one-third of FAFSAs are selected for verification each year.

If you are selected for verification, you will be notified in one of two ways:

  • The United States Department of Education will notify you immediately after completing your FAFSA through a note on your Student Aid Report.

  • UNLV will inform you through your To Do List and Communication Center in MyUNLV.

How do I complete verification?

Students selected for verification in fall 2019, spring 2020, or summer 2020:

Follow the instructions provided within your MyUNLV account To Do List and Communication Center.

Students selected for verification in fall 2020, spring 2021, or summer 2021:

Submit necessary information and documents securely online through our third-party self-service portal ProVerify. The ProVerify website allows you to:

  • Learn what information or documents are required
  • Obtain student/parent tax transcripts directly from the Internal Revenue Service
  • Complete forms on your mobile device
  • Upload documents online
  • Identify instant data conflicts for you to correct
  • Utilize a chatbot feature to answer questions on demand
  • Electronically sign documents

Can I submit my 2020-2021 verification documents to the UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships Office?

No. Students and parents should not submit verification documents to the UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships Office as this will cause review delays. You must complete and submit your verification documents online with ProVerify.

How long will it take my verification documents to be reviewed by ProVerify?

In general, less than a week. It depends upon the complexity of your FAFSA information, if you complete your forms accurately, and how timely you are with information requests.

If I do not complete my verification, will this prevent me from receiving a complete financial aid award package of all the aid I may be considered for?


If I do not complete my verification, will my financial aid still disburse to my account to help pay my bill?

No. In most cases, your financial aid will not pay to your account if you are selected for verification. It is important to satisfy your verification requirement as quickly as possible.

Is the verification process optional?

You will not receive any federal or some institutional financial aid until you resolve the verification review process. If you are selected for verification after financial aid has previously disbursed and do not comply, your financial aid will be canceled. You will then incur a large bill you will have to repay.

When you completed your FAFSA, you provided permission allowing the U.S. Department of Education or UNLV to ask for additional documentation. A FAFSA cannot be completed without a student or parent agreeing to the following U.S. Department of Education statement:

If you are the parent or student, by signing this application (FAFSA) you agree, if asked, to provide information that will verify the accuracy of your completed form. This information may include U.S. or state income tax forms that you filed or are required to file.

Integrity of Financial Aid Program Funds

The UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships Office is obligated under the Federal Code of Regulation, 34 CFR 668.16(g), to refer fraudulent activity in obtaining Federal financial aid assistance. The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Education will be notified if the office finds credible information indicating an applicant may have engaged in fraud or other criminal misconduct in connection with their FAFSA application.