Special Consideration Appeals

If you or your family experienced a significant change in your financial situation, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, under limited circumstances, may be able to re-evaluate your eligibility for financial aid for the school year. This re-evaluation will be based upon the information you provide within the Special Circumstance Appeal form.

In many instances, a student or family can demonstrate a financial loss from one year to the next. However, the financial loss may not be significant enough within a particular financial aid program to gain more financial aid eligibility. It is important for you to know that not all changes in circumstances will result in an adjustment and increase a student's financial aid eligibility.

Circumstances Which Can Be Considered

  • Loss of job (must be out of work at least six weeks)
  • Loss of child support
  • Marital divorce or separation
  • Death of a parent or spouse
  • High out of pocket medical, dental, vision, prescription expenses paid (not incurred)
  • Recently diagnosed with a medical disability
  • Recent loss in social security earnings

Circumstances Which Cannot Be Considered

  • One time gambling winnings, capital gains, IRA distributions or one time severance pay
  • Penalties associated with the early withdrawal of retirement funds
  • Costs related to bankruptcy or bankruptcy payment plans
  • Private elementary or high school tuition
  • Parent in college expenses
  • Losses associated with gambling
  • Reductions in overtime pay
  • Unusual expenses related to personal living such as wedding expenses, credit card bills, utility bills, home mortgage, 2nd mortgage, school loan payments, car payments, veterinarian bills or other miscellaneous consumer expenses
  • Loss of business or rental income

Contact us to discuss your personal extenuating circumstances with a financial aid counselor.