In 1999, Governor Kenny Guinn signed the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship (GGMS) Program into law. There is no application to be considered for this program. Annually in July, Nevada School districts and charter and private schools submit student eligibility data directly to the Nevada Treasurer’s GGMS Office.


Students are initially notified of eligibility for the Millennium Scholarship program in early August. Qualifying students will receive an award packet of information from the Nevada Treasurer's GGMS Office describing the terms and conditions of the scholarship program. Once notified of their eligibility, students are required to complete the Acknowledgement of Award process online. As part of the acknowledgement process, each student is required to complete an affidavit declaring that the applicant is a citizen of the United States or has lawful immigration status, or that the applicant has filed an application to legalize the applicant’s immigration status or will file an application to legalize his or her immigration status as soon as he or she is eligible to do so.

Eligible students will be awarded Millennium after UNLV receives a list of eligible students in early August. Students will receive a financial aid award letter and can view their Millennium award under the Financial Aid tab on their MyUNLV.

If you do not receive a notification by early August and you do not see a Millennium award on your MyUNLV, but believe you are eligible for the scholarship, you should look up your Millennium Student Identification (MSID) number to verify eligibility. If you see your MSID but do not have an award, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at UNLV.

The GGMS Offices notifies UNLV electronically of eligible students and UNLV matches these GGMS records to records in the student information system.


At UNLV, the Millennium Scholarship does not pay 100 percent of a student's full-time tuition and fees. The value of your award is $80 per credit hour, up to 15 credit hours per semester, with an undergraduate lifetime total award value of $10,000. Remedial credits are not paid for by the Millennium Scholarship, but they may count toward the student's required 12 credits/semester.

Avoid Delays

If you are awarded a Millennium Scholarship and want to use your scholarship to help pay your tuition/fees at UNLV and avoid late fees, here are some tips:

  • Acknowledge your award with the Nevada Treasurer's GGMS Office as soon as possible when you receive your award packet in the mail. If you do not acknowledge your award with the Nevada Treasurer's GGMS Office, UNLV will be unable to credit your scholarship award to your UNLV tuition and fee billing statement.
  • When you acknowledge your award online, you are not obligated to enter your Social Security number as an identifier. However, it helps ensure a timely record match for awarding. If you leave this field blank when activating your Millennium Scholarship online with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office, UNLV may not be able to match up your record and pay your scholarship. A delay may occur in using your Millennium Scholarship to pay your UNLV tuition and fee billing statement.
  • Double-check your demographic information with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office when you accept your award. Use your full legal name and make sure your date of birth is correct. A delay will occur in using your Millennium Scholarship to pay your UNLV tuition and fee billing statement if your demographic information is not accurate.

More details about the program can be found by visiting the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship website and by reviewing the GGMS Fact Sheet in English or Espanol

Millennium Co-Enrollment Form

Complete the Millennium Co-Enrollment Form if you are a Millennium Scholarship student and you wish to take a portion of your credits at another GGMS-eligible college or university and are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits between the two institutions.

Can I receive the Millennium Scholarship during the summer?

You may receive a Millennium Scholarship award for summer enrollment, but such awards are processed as a reimbursement in September. There is no minimum enrollment requirement in summer, but you must meet all other eligibility requirements, including being a degree-seeking student. In addition, you must either have received a Millennium award in the prior spring semester or subsequent fall semester to be funded for summer enrollment. You are reimbursed only for classes you complete and pass, up to a maximum of 15 credits at the rate of $80 per credit. The summer grade point average (GPA) does not impact future program eligibility.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, certain students may need to complete a Millennium Scholarship Summer Reimbursement Request Form. You may need to complete this form if you are a new student starting in a summer term or you are a GGMS recipient enrolling in summer courses at a host institution. Please see the form for more information.

Millennium Students with Documented Disabilities

Complete the Millennium Students with Documented Disabilities Form if you are a student with a documented physical or mental disability or who was previously subject to an individualized education program and are requesting to enroll with Millennium Scholarship support in fewer than the minimum semester credit hours or an extension of the expiration date for funding.