Millennium Scholarship

In 1999, Governor Kenny Guinn enacted into law the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program. There is no application to be considered for this program. The school district will submit the student's name and high school courses completed to the Nevada State Treasurer's Office to determine eligibility for the program.


Students are initially notified of eligibility for the Millennium Scholarship program mid July. Students will receive an award packet of information from the Nevada State Treasurer's Office describing the terms and conditions of the scholarship program. UNLV is then notified electronically of eligible students attending the institution.


At UNLV, the Millennium Scholarship does not pay 100 percent of a student's full-time tuition and fees. The value of your award is $80 per credit hour, up to 15 credit hours per semester, with an undergraduate lifetime total award value of $10,000. Remedial credits are not paid for by the Millennium Scholarship, but they may count toward the student's required 12 credits/semester.

A student does not have to be a U.S. citizen to be considered for the Millennium Scholarship program.

Avoid Delays

If you are awarded a Millennium Scholarship and want to use your scholarship to help pay your tuition/fees at UNLV and avoid late fees, here are some tips:

  • Accept your award with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office as soon as possible when you receive your award packet in the mail. If you do not accept your award with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office, your scholarship award will not credit to your UNLV tuition and fee billing statement.
  • When you accept your award online, you are not obligated to enter your Social Security number as an identifier. However, please enter your UNLV student ID number. Your UNLV student ID number (also known as the MyUNLV or NSHE ID) is a ten digit number. If you leave this field blank when activating your Millennium Scholarship online with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office, UNLV will not be able to match up your record and pay your scholarship. A delay will occur in using your Millennium Scholarship to pay your UNLV tuition and fee billing statement.
  • Double-check your demographic information with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office when you accept your award. Use your full legal name and make sure your date of birth is correct. A delay will occur in using your Millennium Scholarship to pay your UNLV tuition and fee billing statement if your demographic information is not accurate.

More details about the program can be found in English or Espanol.

Millennium Co-Enrollment Form

Complete the Millennium Co-Enrollment Form if you are a Millennium Scholarship student and you wish to take a portion of your credits at another Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) college or university.

Can I use my Millennium Scholarship for my study abroad expenses?

If the program you select is one where the courses appear on your UNLV enrollment record, you may receive the Millennium Scholarship for your study abroad program. The amount and the eligibility requirements are the same as if you were studying on campus. If you are participating in a transfer credit (Partnership) program, you may complete the Millennium Study Abroad Partnership Form to request matching grant funds in place of the Millennium Scholarship.

Can I receive the Millennium Scholarship during the summer?

Yes. Although students may receive summer Millennium Scholarship funds, the Nevada Treasurer's Office will not reimburse/pay your scholarship until October, well after the summer semester is over. If you received these funds in the fall and spring immediately preceding summer term, consideration for the millennium scholarship for summer term(s) is automatic.