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Update on Event Review/Approval Process

The University's review of all meetings/events, due to COVID, has been suspended and a new protocol has been put in place.  The university will continue to require major event organizers to submit in advance event plans for review and approval.  If an event is identified as a "major event" it requires review; below are markers the university uses to identify major events.

A major event is defined as any event held at any UNLV campus or facility that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Expected attendance of 150 or more people, or
  • The event presents some likelihood of substantial disruption of the university’s academic, administrative, or auxiliary functions, or a scheduled athletics or cultural event, or
  • Involves attendance by a high profile individual(s) where protection detail may be needed or coordination with an existing protection detail is necessary, or
  • There is an expectation that the majority of the attendees will be non-UNLV guests, or
  • The event is a dance or concert featuring amplified sound, or
  • Event has a location or function which may impede egress, or cause traffic, parking, and/or risk management concerns.

If you are planning your meeting/event through Student Union & Event Services (SUES), their team will assist you with this review process, which involves working with campus partners such as risk management, grounds, and parking. SUES will work with RSO's/departments to ensure all proper reviews, notifications, and approvals are taken care of. You will not need to submit any paperwork on your own to campus partners, SUES will help your organization/department with the process. If you have a meeting/event outside of spaces managed by SUES, you may be responsible for submitting notifications; please work with SIA (student orgs) or your venue contact (departments) in such instances.

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