1. Verify that the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) correctly identifies you as the instructor for the course listed on the To: line.
screenshot of a verification form highlighting To line

NOTE: Contact the DRC immediately if additional instructors should be notified, or you are not the instructor for the course listed. FNLs are sent to official UNLVMail email address.

  1. Review the testing accommodation instructions located in the red box labeled ** IMPORTANT **.
Important details for Webcampus exams
  1. Click the TAF link to complete and submit the form for the course and section listed on the To: line of the FNL.
    • NOTE: If a TAF link is not available, it indicates that a TAF was completed for another student receiving DRC testing accommodations in the same course and section.
  2. Provide accurate responses. All questions require an answer. Enter the number of minutes regularly allowed for each request type, then enter the exam/quiz date.
  3. Click Add Exam Date to continue.
screenshot of a webform containing time for an exam

NOTE: Students are responsible for scheduling their exams/quizzes within the DRC portal. The date you entered will be the only date available to the student when scheduling that specific exam/quiz type. You will receive an email confirmation after an exam/quiz is scheduled.

  1. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add the remaining exam/quiz dates.
  2. Enter your phone number and any additional notes, then click Submit Testing Accommodation Form.
    • NOTE: A cell phone number is required to reach you if there are any questions or concerns with the exam being proctored.

Contact DRC Testing Center at drctesting@unlv.edu, or 702-895-0147 if you have any questions or experience difficulties.