UNLV Social Media Policy

Monitoring UNLV Social Media Sites

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas monitors all content posted on its official social media sites. We reserve the right to delete posts based on context; this includes but is not limited to:

  • Offensive, unlawful, threatening, harassing, personal attacks or abusive posts
  • Promotions by non-UNLV organizations
  • Promotions for non-UNLV events
  • Discounts offered to UNLV students, staff or faculty by non-UNLV organizations
  • UNLV is not responsible for the content posted and added by its fans.

Creating UNLV Social Media Sites

UNLV entities creating social media sites are bound by the same policies that apply to the development of university websites (see UNLV's web, advertising, and sponsorship policies).

"They are responsible for the pages they publish and the direct links they maintain to other sources. Providers are expected to follow UNLV Web Standards & Guidelines and to ensure that the content or resource links they post comply with university/UCCSN policies and state and federal laws. Information Providers are also expected to comply with all laws regarding intellectual property and copyright."

UNLV entities using official university logos and marks on social media sites must also adhere to the university's graphic identity policies and guidelines.