Minor in Management

The management minor offers critical skills and knowledge necessary for students who are primarily focusing on majors in other disciplines. The program of study prepares students to be competitive in the job market by focusing on areas such as leadership, organizational behavior, human resource management, and negotiation. Thus, the focus of the management minor is to augment the primary understandings gained in other areas and to help students understand how organizations function, provide insight into managing and leading others, as well as consider ethical and cross-cultural implications, amongst other relevant topics within the current workplace.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and explain the major tasks of the manager.
  • Discuss and apply major theories concerning the behavior of people in modern business organizations.
  • Identify and discuss alternate theories concerning the role of business in society and implications of these theories.
  • Identify and discuss key issues involved in international management.
  • Identify and discuss key issues in the relations between workers and managers.
  • Work with others to identify challenges to your business and develop strategies to deal with them.
  • Present analyses of and solutions to management problems.


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