Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts in mathematics is designed to include a large level of flexibility to serve students in a variety of areas in mathematics and statistics: pure math, computational math, applied math, and statistics.

The degree requires students to take a one-semester course in the following standard areas: Real Analysis, Algebra, Differential Equations, and Statistics. To ensure students have an appropriate level of breadth, 12 additional 400-level Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) courses are required. To ensure students have an appropriate level of depth, two (2) one-year sequences must be included. Also required are the standard courses at the freshman and sophomore level such as calculus and linear algebra. The DMS courses required for this degree are identical to the Bachelor of Science. The Bachelor of Science has more stringent course requirements than the Bachelor of Arts with regards to non-DMS required courses.

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Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of differential (1A), integral (1B), and multivariable (1C) calculus, and be able to apply these concepts to a variety of problems.
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of vector calculus (2A), linear algebra (2B), ordinary differential equations (2C), higher-level algebra (2D), and analysis (2E), and be able to apply these concepts to a variety of problems.
  • Be able to think analytically and critically and to formulate problems, solve them, and interpret their solutions.
  • Achieve an understanding of the nature of proof, in particular should demonstrate a good understanding of rigorous mathematical proof (reading and writing), and apply the reasoning based on definitions, axioms, theorems, and induction.
  • Communicate effectively in writing.
  • Have experience applying knowledge from one branch of mathematics to another and from mathematics to other disciplines.


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