Criminal justice majors must satisfy the general education core requirements and the criminal justice department requirements for a total of 120 credits. Students must have a 2.0 GPA to enter the College of Urban Affairs and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice.

Admission to the Major

  • GPA: 2.0
  • Admission Policies: Students will be assigned a pre-criminal justice major (Pre-CRJ) designation until they have completed a minimum of 30 college or university credits with a minimum of 2.0 GPA. The credits must include ENG 101, CRJ 104, and CRJ 270.

Minor Information

  • 21 Criminal Justice credits
  • Includes CRJ 104, 130, 270, 301, and 432, and six upper-division credits in criminal justice.

Detailed Degree Information


  1. A student may elect to graduate under any one of the following catalogs: the year of admission, the year of graduation, or the year of the latest change of major. The catalog used cannot be more than 10 years old at the time of graduation. Requirements for graduation may vary depending on the catalog one uses. If you have questions, consult your advisor.
  2. All criminal justice majors must take a total of at least 42 credits in upper-division courses, including 27 credits in upper-division criminal justice courses.
  3. Criminal justice majors are required to complete a total of 45 credits in criminal justice. (Of this total, 27 hours must be in upper-division courses.)
  4. Only four physical education activity classes can be applied toward graduation.
  5. Every student must complete a three-credit multicultural course and a three-credit international course. Courses satisfying other requirements may simultaneously satisfy the multicultural and international requirements, except one course cannot satisfy both the multicultural and the international requirements.