Hilary Heap currently serves as a Deputy District Attorney in the Criminal Division of the Clark County District Attorney’s office. Originally from Pittsfield, Maine, Hilary has lived in Las Vegas since the summer of 2005. She graduated summa cum laude from UNLV in 2008 receiving the Jay Hahn Law Enforcement Scholarship in 2007 and the Edwin Sutherland Award in 2008. She then attended the UNLV Boyd School of Law, and graduated cum laude in 2011. Hilary has been working with the District Attorney’s office for several years, and hopes to continue to serve the community as a District Attorney in the future.

What is the most interesting aspect of what you do?

"The thing I love most about my job is the variety of cases I handle. While I handle only criminal cases, in one day I can handle everything from a simple drug case, to a violent robbery or attempted murder, so I am never really doing the exact same thing."

Who were your role models?

"My favorite part of undergrad was participating in Dr. Kennedy's research lab. Not only did I learn a lot, but I met a great group of women who I am sure will become future leaders in our community. My role models were my parents and a few professors and teachers I had over the years."

If students are interested in following in your footsteps, what is the best way to proceed?

"One would have to attend law school to become an attorney, but for undergraduates my advice would be to major in something you are really interested in and enjoy as law school doe not have any specific prerequisite requirements. I would also highly recommend getting as much practical experience as possible by doing internships and externships whenever you can, especially with an agency that you are interested in working for. During my undergrad, I interned with LVMPD in the Crimes Against Youth and Family Division. While I was in law school I completed externships with the Honorable Judge Douglas Herndon of the Eight Judicial District Court and the Clark County District Attorney's office. I also participated in the Juvenile Justice Clinic during law school which gave me some additional court room experience."

Hilary Heap

Deputy District Attorney
Clark County, Nevada
Class of 2008