Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems

The Certificate in Management Information Systems (MIS) program is a graduate certificate program, designed for individuals who want to acquire specific MIS skills to meet the needs or demands of their workplace. The certificate program is suitable for students with no prior MIS background, as well as for those who have prior MIS knowlwedge or education and want to acquire specific additional skills (retooling). The following are examples of students who can benefit from the program:

  • Individuals who have graduated from an MIS or related program several years ago who can use the Certificate in MIS program to stay current with technology changes.
  • MIS professionals who want to retool themselves to acquire new MIS skills.
  • Individuals with no formal prior MIS education who want to learn about a particular IT technology or concept.

Learning Objectives

  • In-depth understanding of systems thinking and ways that information technology can be used to enhance effectiveness of the individual and organizations.
  • Ability to critically analyze business problems and apply scientific methods and computer applications to obtain business solutions.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the theoretical basis of management information systems and current research questions.
  • Ability to learn on a continuing basis to stay current with rapidly changing technologies.
  • Ability to effectively communicate the technology and its application to business executives and users of information systems.
  • Increase one's business knowledge and state of the art technical skills in order to function effectively as an information technology professional in public or private organizations.
  • Prepare one to enter a doctoral program in MIS.

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