The TRIO Training Institute is a federally-funded project that provides professional development seminars to TRIO personnel from across the nation. The institute is housed in the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach (The Center) at UNLV, alongside The Center’s other TRIO projects, which include Talent Search, Educational Opportunity Center, Ronald E. McNair Post baccalaureate Achievement Program, Student Support Services, Upward Bound, and Upward Bound Math & Science. UNLV’s oldest TRIO project was funded in 1968.

Priority 3 - Assessment of Student Needs, Retention and Graduation Strategies, and the Use of Appropriate Educational Technology in Project Operations

UNLV TRIO Training Institute will provide Priority #3 training on:

  • Educational Implications and Strategies for Serving TRIO Students from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds
  • Assessing TRIO Participants’ Needs
  • Retention and Graduation Strategies
  • Planning and Tracking Participant Progress
  • Using Technology for Project Management
  • Considerations When Using Technology for Service Delivery
  • Educational Technology Tools

What topics will this event cover?

  • How culturally diverse backgrounds influence educational needs
  • How to identify participant needs
  • Counseling strategies that take into account the diverse cultural backgrounds of TRIO participants
  • Managing and planning student progress
  • Effectively using technology for project management
  • Electronic methods for tracking student progress
  • Educational technology and tools for service delivery
  • Bringing educational technology to TRIO students
  • Ways students must use technology to be successful in educational settings


The following persons are eligible to attend Institute seminars:

  • Leadership personnel and full and part-time staff members of projects under the Federal TRIO Programs
  • Individuals preparing for employment as staff or leadership personnel in projects under the Federal TRIO Programs