The research in the Department of Brain Health spans multiple levels to conduct impactful and translational research on brain health throughout the lifespan, with particular emphasis on neurodegenerative disorders. This research spans from cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease and risk factors in the Cellular and Molecular Brain Research Laboratory (CaMBR), the investigation and discovery of biomarkers in the Pam Quirk Brain Health and Biomarker Laboratory, the investigation of neuropsychological changes in aging and disease in the Cognitive Aging & Neuropsychological Equity (CANE) Lab, and the study of the process of drug development and optimal human application in the Center for Transformative Neuroscience being built. All of the above research is carried out with particular emphasis on rigor, reproducibility, and transparency in the science. Our research involves multiple collaborators at UNLV, in Las Vegas, and throughout the world. Our research also involves numerous students and trainees as part of the interdisciplinary neuroscience Ph.D. program, the Occupational Therapy doctoral program, and undergraduate research assistants.