UNLV first implemented the Academic Assessment Peer Review process in Spring 2013. Although the Office of Academic Assessment reviews every program report each year, the peer review process allows for an outside perspective and a detailed review. The purposes of the peer review process are:

  1. To improve the quality of UNLV’s academic assessment plans and reports through a deep review.
  2. To provide a means for providing feedback on academic assessment to academic units.

The peer review team is made up of members of the Academic Assessment Committee and other assessment leaders on campus. Team members each receive a set of plans and reports to review. Every effort is made to ensure that reviewers do not receive reports from their unit. Once the reviews are returned to the Office of Academic Assessment, reviewers’ names are removed to protect the anonymity of the reviewers and to ensure that reviewers feel comfortable providing constructive criticism when necessary.

The process will be ongoing; each program on campus can expect to receive a peer review report once every three years.

The Peer Review Form The Plan Review Form