Academic Assessment Committee Charge

  1. Consult with the Office of Academic Assessment on the design and implementation of the UNLV academic assessment program.
  2. Serve as a resource to deans, chairs and faculties about the UNLV academic assessment process.
    1. Consult with units to design and implement academic assessment plans.
    2. Communicate with campus about best practices in academic assessment.
  3. Participate in the review of assessment plans, reports, and student learning outcomes.

Meeting Calendar

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Committee Members

Director of Academic Assessment & Accreditation

Lindsay Couzens
Lindsay Couzens, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Academic Assessment

Michelle Chavez
Michelle Chávez, Ph.D.

Lee Business School

Djeto Assane
Djeto Assane, Ph.D.

Honors College

Dan Bubb
Dan Bubb, Ph.D.

College of Education

A smiling man with glasses.
Mark Carroll

Vice Provost for Academic Programs

Nora Carroll
Eleonora (Nora) Carroll, B.A.

Office of Decision Support

Headshot of John Crooker
John Crooker

University Libraries

Starr Hoffman

College of Fine Arts

Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson, M.A.

Graduate College

Portrait of a woman
Emily Lin, Ph.D.

Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Georg Mauer, Ph.D.

College of Sciences

Michael Pravica
Michael Pravica

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (General Education)

Laurel M. Pritchard
Laurel M. Pritchard, Ph.D.

School of Integrated Health Sciences

Michelle Samuel
Michelle Samuel, M.S., ATC, LAT

School of Public Health

Vivian Surwill

College of Liberal Arts

Denise Tillery
Denise Tillery, Ph.D.

Academic Success Center

Dr. White
M. Anne White, Ph.D.

Nick Tatum, Ph.D.