The Office of the Seinor Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the UNLV Academic Assessment Awards. The purpose of the UNLV Academic Assessment Awards is to recognize and reward programs, departments, and/or faculty who engage in meaningful and sustainable assessment that is used to improve student learning.

Nomination Period

Academic Assessment Awards will be awarded each spring. Nominations will be solicited from unit leaders each year, with an application deadline of March 1. Recipients will be selected by the Assistant Director of Academic Assessment with input from the Academic Assessment Committee and the VPUE.


Award recipients can be individual faculty (representing undergraduate or graduate assessment activities), programs, or departments. Recipients will receive recognition by the VPUE and an honorarium of $1,250** for individual faculty or $2,500 for programs/departments.

**Please note: all individual faculty award moneys are subject to applicable Federal Tax withholding


Applications for programs/departments should include a letter explaining how the program or department conducts academic assessment in a manner that provides useful information about student learning, and copies of any relevant assessment reports.

Applications for individual faculty should include a letter explaining how the individual has contributed to high quality assessment, and copies of any relevant assessment reports.

Past Assessment Award Recipients