Two students work with code on a laptop

The UNLV College of Engineering annually hosts GenCyber, a weeklong summer camp that teaches local high schoolers how to detect cyber crime, protect critical cyber infrastructure and how to practice safe online behavior. (Keeva Lough)  

Jul. 24, 2023

Does the email that appeared at the top of your inbox contain a fishy-sounding URL or typos and grammatical errors? If so, it might be a phishing scam.

You’re invited to take a crack at deciphering a safe email from a malicious one at UNLV’s first cybersecurity escape room July 31-Aug. 1.

Students and faculty from UNLV’s Department of Computer Science and the Free Cyber Clinic built and designed the activity — located in SEB 1242 — as part of the annual GenCyber Camp taking place July 24-28.

Throughout the weeklong camp, local high school students will learn the cybersecurity concepts necessary to complete the various challenges on display in the escape room. The top three performing teams will have the opportunity to experience the escape room on the final day of the camp. 

Then, it’s your turn! Members of the campus community are invited to take guided tours of the escape room July 31-Aug. 1. 

The escape room is split up into segmented compartments, each featuring a cybersecurity challenge that must be solved before moving on to the next area. Challenges include USB tampering, lock picking, invisible ink, and code cracking. If you make it to the final challenge, and win, the antagonist will be revealed.

Remember, cybersecurity is a team effort, and together, we can outsmart the antagonist and secure our digital world.

See you at the escape room!